Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vid Of The Day: Uptown Funk Movie Mix

Impressive. This took some serious editing.

News: Stoned Driver Snapchats Selfie With Arresting Officer

Must have been some good shit he was smoking. From The Roosevelts.
Stoned Driver Snapchats Selfie With Arresting Officer

Iowa City Police Department Officer Ben Hektoen wins the bro of the week award for his excellent sense of humor. Officer Hektoen recently pulled over a 20-year-old at 2 AM for speeding and having an obstructed registration sticker.

When Officer Hektoen suspected the driver of being intoxicated, the driver admitted to smoking marijuana.

Although a Breathalyzer test came up clean, Officer Hektoen took the driver into custody to be tested by a “certified Drug Recognition Expert.” According to the police report, that’s when the night turned awesome:

“During the testing process the defendant requested to take a SnapChat selfie with me to which I happily obliged. He said he captioned the photo using emoji icons showing a police car, next to a passenger car, next to a tow truck.”

Good to see Officer Hektoen having a sense of humor about the whole situation. Although, we’re willing to bet the driver might have a few regrets after sobering up.



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