Monday, November 24, 2014

Bad "Professional" Photography Of The Day

"Hey, my brother-in-law is a photographer. He'll give you a good price."

Is that a giant turd?

This one looks like it was cropped by someone with hooks for hands.

We can still see you.

Erin Owterkrotch

Fresh hot loaf in 5...4...3...

WTF does this even mean?

My tit is a planet.

Toot toot, peanut butter.

Smell this. Does it smell like ass to you?

Don't worry, I'll eat you fast.

News: Former Porn Star Wears Colander In Driver's License Photo

The colander is the least of her worries in this photo.
Former porn star wears colander in UT driver’s license photo

ST. GEORGE, Utah — A Utah woman said she is the fourth person in the country who was allowed to wear a colander in her driver’s license photo in expression of her religious beliefs.

“Woohoo! My new driver’s license is here! I’m officially the first Pastafarian in Utah!! And the 4th one in the US – 2 in CA, 1 in OK, and me in UT. *happy dance*,” Asia Carrera-Lemmon said in a Facebook post.

Carrera-Lemmon identifies herself as an atheist and a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Members of the church sometimes call themselves Pastafarians.

Carrera-Lemmon, whose legal name “Jessica Steinhauser” appears on her driver’s license, lists Vivid Video, an adult film company, as an employer. Her profile lists appearances in 277 productions, including an uncredited appearance in the 1997 cult film “The Big Lebowski.”


Vid Of The Day: Super Bad Mario #2

Link from Hannah N.


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