Tuesday, August 12, 2014

News Of The Day: 90-Year-Old Granny Holds Off Police SWAT Team With Shotgun

What in tarnation? I'm picturing an old lady version of Yosemite Sam threatening to fill construction workers full o' lead.
90-year-old Grandma With Shotgun Surrenders After Hours-Long SWAT Standoff

A 90-year-old great-grandmother armed with a 12 gauge shotgun held SWAT officers at bay in Channelview for hours.

The officers were responding to a 911 call from construction workers next door who told them she threatened them with the gun.

Deputies say Eleouise Adcock was angry the workers were excavating dirt, and loading it onto a barge behind her house. (GET OFF MY LAWN!)

Ms. Adcock has lived on the bank of the San Jacinto River for more than 4 decades, but in recent years a marine towing company has moved in on either side of her house.

“They've bought properties there along the waterfront, and taken down three to four houses and made room for their equipment and stuff.” neighbor Sharlene Hathorn said.

Another neighbor said Adcock is the last holdout, refusing to sell her property, and irritated by the company's repeated attempts to buy it.

“She don't like whats going on over there. She don't want to sell out to these people here," King said.

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Trailer Of The Day: The Walking Dead, Season 5

I started losing a little interest in the show last year, but this trailer makes the coming season look pretty bitchin'. Be warned: plenty of violence in this clip.

16 Photos Ruined (?) By Animals Humping In The Background

Answering the call of nature, humans be damned.


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