Friday, August 8, 2014

Activity Of The Day: Coloring For Grownups

Why should kids have all the fun? Link from Michaela Breault.

(More here)

Cool Product Of The Day: Predator Suit

This bad-ass suit can be yours for the low, low price of just £4,800 ($8063)!
From a seller on Gumtree:

Here I have an original Pete Mander AVP Predator suit. I am selling this as I really need the money for moving house.

The suit was fully custom made by Pete Mander and is unbelievably realistic, the suit is perfect down to the last detail.

The suit consists of (from the head down) :-

1- A set of latex and rubber dreadlocks.

2- Very real looking predator face mask.

3- The Scar & Celtic Biomasks.

4- Adjustable shoulder cannon.

5- 2x shoulder armour.

6- 2x chest armour plates.

7- upper skin suit. (Vest)

8- retractable wrist blade gauntlet.

9- LED light up computer gauntlet.

10- bone necklace x2.

11- lower skin suit. (Trousers)

12- boots with detachable foot blades.

Buy it here, Moneybags!


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