Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Craigslist Ad Of The Day #2: FYI Dudes Posting Dick Pics

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FYI dudes posting pics

Jesus Christ dudes.

I mean this as constructive criticism ( seriously!) the dick pics some people post are ridiculous.

As a female who cruises these ads for someone to spark my interest some of you need a little help. Help as far as photo composition ( do those awful photos really get you some action ?).

1. No photos while sitting on the john with your dick in your hand and pants rolled around your ankles. Especially white athletic socks pulled halfway up your calves. Good grief. You look like you're taking a dump.

2. Clean up all the shit on the floor in your room if you are taking a body shot. No one wants to see your dirty laundry on the floor or your wife's doilies on her dresser. Plus...you want someone recognizing your wallpaper or shower curtain? Be smart.

3. Trim your balls. Please. Whack that shit back. No one wants curlies in their teeth.

4. No one wants to see your asshole. It's not attractive even if you're looking for backdoor fun. They don't photograph well and it's super tricky to get the right angle. And I mean no disrespect but if you have an ass full of pimples...it's not helping your cause.

5. If you are cheating on your wife on partner or whatever...make sure someone can't recognize you. You never know who is cruising this site. You might as well have your name written on your dick with a Sharpie as so many of you have tats in plain view.

6. Some of you are really good at taking stellar pics while others....if you say you have an 8" cock but the pic looks like it's a cocktail weenie well...try again, peewee.

7. Be playful. No reason to be so damn serious. Sex is supposed to be fun so act like it. Put some pizazz in your ad to set you apart. Like put some whipped cream around your balls and a cherry on top. Wouldn't that be inviting ?

OK team...get back out there and good luck !

(Anyone have more tips to add to this list? Asking for a friend. - CM)

Questionable Photos From Russian Dating Sites Of The Day

Yes, let me lie in this giant pile of dump trash and look sexy. Thanks for the idea, Mark Wonsil.

 Is this from a dating site or a ransom note?


 Not a dentist.

 Help, I am locked in this sauna.

 Giardia is for lovers.

 Pee breaks are the perfect time for a sexy snap.

Go ahead. Say something about my comb-down.

Games Of Thrones Theme Sung By Goats (Of The Day)

Because goats. And one sheep.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: They Gave Me This Note When They Left With My Fridge

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They gave me this note before they left with the fridge

Made me feel good.


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