Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creepy and Hilarious Panoramic Photo Fails Of The Day

Have you tried the panorama feature on your iPhone camera? It's harder than it looks.

Source: Izismile.

News: Woman Arrested For Ninja-Star Attack On Brother

She should have stuck with putting out the cig on his face: much easier than throwing stars. Oh, and FLORIDA.

From The Smoking Gun.

Cops Arrest Woman, 25, For Ninja Star Attack On Her Younger Brother

October 31, 2013

A knife-wielding woman threw several metal Ninja stars at her younger brother as she chased him down a Florida street late last night following a violent confrontation in their home, police allege.

Kimberly Martinez, 25, is jailed on felony aggravated assault charges for allegedly battering her brother Randy, 21.

Kimberly and Randy had argued earlier Wednesday evening about their little sister having a boy over to their home in Fellsmere, a city outside Vero Beach.

The dispute escalated around midnight, when Kimberly “started to hit and choke Randy” and sought to extinguish a cigarette on his face. (!)

After Randy departed the family’s residence, Kimberly “came outside with a filet Knife” and “started to throw Metal Ninja Stars at him.”

Luckily for Randy, his sister’s aim was not true. An officer recovered three Ninja stars, one in the roadway and two near Randy’s girlfriend’s auto.


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