Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wing-Manning Photos Of The Day

PDA + photobombing = wing-manning. Their motto: "Making out in public? We're behind you." From the Tumblr blog.

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News: Hotel Linked To Stephen King Plans To Dig Up Pet Cemetery

Yeah, great idea, do that. Re-bury them in the hedge maze.

From USA Today.
Hotel linked to Stephen King to dig up pet cemetery

by Robert Allen, Fort Collins Coloradoan
Sept. 26, 2013

ESTES PARK, Colo. -- Plans to dig up a pet cemetery at the hotel that inspired Stephen King's horror novel "The Shining" have neighbors feeling aggrieved.

The graves at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park are to be moved to the other side of a small pond, making way for wedding and corporate retreat pavilion.

"Elsie," "Holmes" and "Stanley Blue" I, II and III are among roughly 12 marked graves dating to the 1960s, with stones and a tiny white fence marking the cemetery.

Among King's novels is "Pet Sematary," a book about animals and people who demonically come back to life after internment at an ancient Native American burial site.

Hotel staff said the cemetery is sometimes a stop on tours, though it doesn't attract near the attention of the hotel itself.

While nobody expects Holywood-style horror to come from the cemetery's relocation, believers in paranormal activity say the move could come with unintended consequences.

"Stirring up the bones of the dead" could kick a hornet's nest of paranormal unrest, said a local psychic medium.


News: 5-Year-Old Figures He Has A Year Left Of Peeing At Urinals With His Pants All The Way Down

From The Onion.
5-Year-Old Figures He Has A Year Left Of Peeing At Urinals With His Pants All The Way Down

Sept. 30, 2013

MODESTO, CA—Standing at a urinal in a ballpark men’s room Sunday afternoon, 5-year-old Derek Hill estimated that he likely has about a year left of urinating in public restrooms with his pants all the way down to his ankles.

“It’s probably going to look really weird if I’m still doing this at 7 or 8, and I am willing to acknowledge that,” said Hill, standing with his legs far apart and holding his rolled-up shirt above his abdomen.

“Which is annoying, because it’s just so much easier this way, you know? I know it won’t last forever, so I figure I might as well keep dropping my pants to the ground to pee while I still can.”

Hill later lamented that as recently as 2012 it had been acceptable for him to avoid the inconvenience of getting up at night to use the bathroom by simply urinating in the comfort of his own bed.

Unfortunate Newspaper Photo/Headline Placements Of The Day

I hope every one of them is intentional.


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