Friday, August 16, 2013

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: '86 Winnebago

Link from Eli Short.
86 Lesharo Winnebago - $500 (St Pete) 

I am currently selling an 86' Lesharo Winnebago...MY BREAKING BAD Lesharo Winnebago!!!! (not from the tv show, breaking bad, as you can tell)

After a few run ins with some ruffians and it needs some work. Time has taken its toll on this bad boy.

It gets as many miles to the gallon as you want as long as it's in neutral and rolling downhill. That being said it can roll out of my yard that is if you push it or give it a good kick. That being said, this only applies to it going downhill, you are SOL if there's no hills to be found, then you gotta push it in its current condition.
I am gonna throw in a portable toilet that is in GOOD condition. Recently took care of the bees that were living inside and now it is ready for someone to move into it. 
If you are interested in being that lucky son of a gun, give me a call or a email. 
Granted you can not live in it on my property. Needs fixing, needs new tranny, gutted interior. 4 Cylinder renalt engine. 
Has a cracked windshield, lets blame that on the Florida heat and not its previous owner. 
$500 As is. If you mow my yard you get $50 off. No, you can't just mow my yard for $50. 
It is in rough condition GREAT TIRES. 
I am not able to transfer this so bring a means to tow or whatever this old dog. 
Call Pat at 727-424-3099 or email.

May or may not be a time machine. Buyer beware. Didn't work for me... just saying. 

News: NZ Woman Drives 185 Miles In Her Sleep

Must be nice. I can't even sleep on an airplane. If you or I had tried to drive 185 miles in our sleep, the story would have ended differently.

From Yahoo News.
New Zealand woman drives, texts while sleeping

Texting while driving can be deadly. Adding to the danger: texting and driving while asleep at the wheel.

A woman in New Zealand managed to drive — and even send her friends text messages — for hours while asleep, according to a story in the New Zealand Herald. Miraculously, she did not get into an accident.

According to News 3 New Zealand, the unnamed woman, who reportedly suffers from a sleep condition and was taking sleeping pills at the time, got behind the wheel and drove around New Zealand all night.

The sleep-driver reportedly left her house in Hamilton, headed to Auckland and then to her former home in Mount Maunganui on the coast late on Tuesday night, driving for a total of five hours and about 190 miles.

As she sleep-drove, she texted her friends, who believed she sent them while half asleep, says New Zealand’s News 3.

Police say that although the woman was texting during her drive, she was unconscious the entire time and has no memory of the nighttime ride.


LOTD Classic: Photoshop Fails Of The Day

Some are obvious, some you'll have to look for. Most are from Photoshop Disasters.

Can we borrow your head for a sec?

Hey, removing limbs doesn't count!

He's melting!

Give her a (giant) hand. She just bowled another perfect game.

If that horse doesn't win, shoot it.

Tattoine's best cocktail bar

Milk was a bad choice.

Artelac -- for fast, effective appendage regeneration

But first, fill 'er up!

Clothespins sold separately

I felt like Jesus was with me on that beach

I look at Penelope's neck and I hear that cartoon stretching sound effect

Drink this big-ass beer!

And Kristen Bell as Gumby.

Blow it out your ass, Jacques!

That Margot - always jawin' about something.

Maybe she's double-jointed

That's just fuckin' creepy

We call this cut the Linda Blair.

"The client wants another man and a minority in the ad,
and he wants it by noon."

Forgotten 70s Song Of The Day

Forgotten for a reason. Christ. Is that Michael Jeter's brother?

"You can take it seriously or take it somewhere else." Somewhere else. Bye.


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