Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Classic 70s Cut Of The Day: Sweet

I remember this tune well, but not this video--thank god. It's part Austin Powers, part Clockwork Orange. And what the fuck is a metamoPHORsees?

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Free Death Ray Parts

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Free Death Ray parts 

Do you have a science degree? Do you think the world would be better if you could just be in charge? Do you want to show those fools at the academy?

I am listing a small selection of Death Ray parts as a service to the junior members of the mad science community. This includes a high voltage power supply, suitable for gauss cannon, tesla coil, or even just Jacobs' ladder use; three vacuum tubes with emitters rated for soft X-rays (No guarantee of safety made when pumped to hard X-ray levels, but then, is there ever?); and a Fresnel lens appx 60 inches corner to comer, suitable for solar melting of asphalt, aluminium, and the skulls of your enemies.

All this is free for pickup. It's all in one convenient 450lb package, a Panasonic PT6G53. 

Yes, the TV functionality is fine, and until recently I was using it as a second monitor attached to one of my command station computers. However, times change, plasma TVs go on discount, and you can pick up this attractive bundle of parts for the low price of FREE!

Please bring minions. It's seriously very heavy.

Email to set up a time to meet at the facility. Available evenings after 6pm, or any time on the 13th or 14th. 


How To Get Past An Awkward Moment (Of The Day)

From Liz.

Act like it didn't hurt

Stick with it

Ask for help

Act like you meant to do it

Make fun of yourself

Don't give up

Rock it off

Just keep walking

For some awkward moments, there is no recovery. Just come on out and face the music.

(More at Twisted Sifter.)


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