Tuesday, April 9, 2013

News: Woman Assaults Boyfriend Who Would Not Stop Singing "Thrift Store" Song

I can relate. From The Smoking Gun.
Cops: Woman, 23, Assaulted Boyfriend Because He Would Not Stop Singing "Thrift Shop" Song

Angered that her boyfriend would not stop singing that catchy “Thrift Shop” song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, a Colorado woman allegedly choked and pushed her beau during a confrontation early Saturday.

Samantha Malson, 23, was arrested by the Longmont Police Department for harassment and domestic violence, according to a Boulder County Sheriff’s Office booking sheet.

A police spokesperson told TSG that Malson and her boyfriend were both inebriated and that Malson told cops that the victim sang “Thrift Shop” upwards of 25 times before the fracas.

Malson admitted to cops that she throttled the victim during a “Thrift Shop” rage at her residence. 

The 3:55 hit, which includes a catchy hook sung by Michael “Wanz” Wansley, has topped the Billboard 100 chart and its video has been viewed in excess of 225 million times on YouTube.

Free on bond, Malson does not include Macklemore/Lewis/Wanz among her musical “likes” on Facebook.

Furbied Album Covers Of The Day

Clever but just a little creepy. From Furby Living.

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