Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Links Of The Day

Apologies for the slackery over the last couple of days. Other duties called. Here's a bunch of good stuff to make up for it.
Real people with really bad names. My new Tumblr blog: Great Name, Bro! 

18 movie villains that were way too easy to defeat. Like the stupid aliens in Signs who can be killed by water, so naturally they invade a planet that is almost 70% H2O. (io9)

Gravity wins again. Models falling down on catwalks. (LOTD)

The photo (NSFW) that got Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen kicked off Instagram. (Hint: she's not wearing a swimsuit). (Gawker)

Saved from the cutting room floor. Iconic movie and TV show characters that almost didn't exist. (Cracked)

After seven years, this one still kills me. (YouTube) 

12 papal lookalikes. (CBC)

Monied morons: celebs who made millions and still went bankrupt. (VH1)

20 things you won't believe actually exist. (Broke Girls) (Link from Dawn Beattie)

Space Jam? Thank you. That was horrible. 10 movies we loved as kids that actually suck. (Guyism)

The naughtiest typeface ever. (DesignTaxi)

Take it to go: final meals of famous death-row inmates. (So Bad) (Link from Troy Bradberry and Rachael Pavlik)

The telltale muff: what a woman's pubic hair style says about her. (The Frisky)

Have you heard? Getting old sucks. The cast of Twin Peaks, then and now. (TheFW)


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