Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For A Toothache!

Check it out. Sweet Brown got a TV spot. Thanks for the link, Lea-Anne Jackson.

Vid Of The Day: Neeson Season

Take the *$%&*% elephant.

Additional Myers-Briggs Personality Types Of The Day

Don't know Myers-Briggs? Here's a brief summary.

From McSweeney's.

Additional Myers-Briggs Personality Types
By James Hannaham

Unfeeling Uncaring Judging Screaming (UUJS)

Lurking Touching Hurting Regretting (LTHR)

Lying Denying Confessing Lying (LDCL)

Smoking Dancing Laughing Fucking (SDLF)

Moping Whining Crying Leaping (MWCL)

Loving Buying Owing Impoverishing (LBOI)

Hating Marrying Abusing Divorcing (HMAD)

Running Swimming Boxing Fencing (RSBF)

Writing Drinking Drinking Drinking (WDDD)

Opening Sniffing Tasting Questioning (OSTQ)

Eating Sleeping Videogame Playing (ESVP)

Meme Of The Day: The Most Interesting Man In The World

Stay funny, my friends.


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