Monday, December 10, 2012

Movie Poster Quiz Of The Day: 2000s

I've posted several of these Stephen Wildish movie posters before before. Hell, I might have even posted this one. Getting old sucks. 

Can you guess all of these? I got maybe 2/3 of them. He always throws a few near-impossible ones into the mix.

This is a full-sized poster than you can buy from Wildish here. Or you might see something else you like. He has tons of cool stuff. Check it out.

News: Stylish Illegal Monkey Found Roaming Toronto Ikea

What? He needed a new BORGSJÖ cabinet.

Thanks for the link, Kate. Via The Globe And Mail.

Stylish but illegal monkey found roaming Toronto Ikea

Dec. 10, 2012

A disoriented monkey was found wandering aimlessly outside an Ikea store in North York Sunday.

The animal sighting quickly sparked a flurry of activity among Torontonians, who tweeted and re-tweeted pictures and created at least two parody accounts on Twitter.

Dressed in a shearling coat and a diaper, the monkey managed to open its crate, unlock the car door and go for a stroll in the Ikea parking lot – clearly a “smart monkey” for having managed all that, said Toronto Police Staff Sergeant Ed Dzingala.

The monkey was ushered into a corner of the store by Ikea employees and police until animal services arrived. The monkey was unharmed, although it was a bit alarmed with all the attention, police said.

“It was pretty scared. It was a tame monkey,” Sgt. Dzingala said. “Nobody got hurt. The monkey was a little scared, that’s all.”

A city of Toronto spokesman said the monkey is a rhesus macaque, a species that is illegal in Ontario. Steve Johnston said charges were laid against the owner, an offence notice, which has a set fine of $240 for having a prohibited animal in the city.

The monkey caused quite a stir at the Ikea store Sunday afternoon, as shoppers out to pick up Christmas presents or furniture couldn’t help but be drawn to the incident.

Lisa Lin, an Aurora resident, had just arrived at Ikea, around Leslie St. and Highway 401, Sunday afternoon to make some returns and purchase Christmas cards when she noticed the activity.

She immediately snapped a picture of the monkey and later posted it on Instagram.

“It was pretty surreal,” said Ms. Lin, 30. “I thought ‘Is that really a monkey?’ Who brings a monkey to Ikea?”

The monkey was still with Toronto Animal Services Sunday night. A woman who answered the phone at animal services said the monkey was “good to go,” keeping warm and no longer scared by the new surroundings.

(More photos, commentary, Tweets, and Photoshop shenanigans here)

Very Bad Elves On The Shelves (Of The Day)

Ever wonder what these creepy little bastards do when you're not watching? Neither do I, but I like these photos.

Pics from Cyndi, Chris, Julie, Chi Chi and Liz.

Hugh Elfner


And here's where bad elves end up:

Useful New Internet Error Messages Of The Day

From McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Useful New Internet Error Messages

by Rupinder Gill

55.1.2 CONNECTION REFUSED: Sorry, this message could not be delivered because it contains a chain message and/or an invitation to your improv show.

45.2.2 UNAUTHORIZED: Sorry, this message could not be delivered because it contains the phrase “LOL” and the recipient is an adult.

34.2.90 SPAM FILTER: Sorry, this message could not be delivered because it was sent from a Hotmail address, and it is past 1996.

45.2.13 UNAUTHORIZED: Sorry, this message could not be delivered because it contains a link to your blog(s).

34.2.1 HOST NOT FOUND: Sorry, this message cannot be delivered at this time but will be sent once the recipient is finished catching up on Game of Thrones.

45.2.21 TIMEOUT: Sorry, this message could not be delivered because it is yet another request for donation to your absolutely useless Kickstarter campaign.

34.2.2 FORBIDDEN/ACCESS DENIED: Sorry, this message could not be delivered because it’s late, you’re drunk and she broke up with you three months ago.


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