Monday, December 3, 2012

6 Old Wives' Tales That Are Actually True (Of The Day)

From Mental Floss.

Animals know when danger is coming

Before and after any given major unforeseen disaster, you’ll hear anecdotes from people who claim that their pets or some other wildlife somehow sensed the disaster and warned them in time. Reports following the massive 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami showed that the impact on local fauna was minimal. Animals sought higher ground, found shelter, or, in the case of house pets, refused to go outside at all during the hours leading up to the tsunami. As a result, few animals died during the tsunami compared to humans.

You can predict the weather from joint pain

Everyone’s related to someone who swears they can tell when it’s going to rain (or snow, or hail, or whatever) based on the pain in their joints. “My knee is acting up!” your relative likely wails. “A storm must be coming.” And it’s not just their imagination: Joint pain really can be a good indicator of weather activity. Shifts in barometric pressure can cause painful swelling in joints and ligaments, especially for those who have arthritis or have suffered previous injury.

Eating bananas will make you have a baby boy

Have you heard that eating bananas while pregnant will lead you to give birth to a baby boy? It sounds ridiculous, but at least one study suggests that it’s true. There’s a catch, though: You can’t just feast on bananas for nine months and expect to have a 100% chance at having a boy. Women need to eat a whole lot of high-energy foods (like bananas) right after conceiving. Also, it’s only about a 56% probability, which doesn’t sound a whole lot better than pure chance—but it’s actually quite a large difference.

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Amusing Warning Signs Of The Day

Maybe it's better just to stay at home.

Bison hate the Honda Element

And cows

A fate worse than being shot.

My favorite


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