Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Instructions of The Day: How To Do Anything

Valuable info here for some of life's most challenging problems from the brilliant minds at WikiHow. 

How To Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

How To Breathe

How To Compute An Earth-To-Moon Spacecraft Trajectory

How To Talk Like A Pirate

How To React After Shooting A Home Intruder

How To Be Scene Without Being A Poser

How To Become A Surgeon

How To Moon Someone

How To Pretend To Be A Girl

How To Help A Friend Know It's OK To Be Themselves

How To Apply Stick Deodorant Correctly

How To Get Hit With A Bat (Tip: Don't duck)

How To Make A Duct Tape Wrist Band

How To Respectfully Decline Sex

How To Play Guitar Like Eddie Van Halen

How To Be Smart

How To Mind Your Own Business

How To Become A Theoretical Physicist

How To Become A Stereotypical Beatnik

How To Avoid Peeing On The Tampon String

How To Dress Like A Rapper

How To Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
(Step 1: Eat more fruits and vegetables)

How To Fart Discreetly (for teens)

How To Smell Nice

How To Vomit Politely

How To Show People You Aren't A Commie

How To Write A Symphony

How To Love Iron Maiden (Have your ears removed?)

How To Be The Kind Of Girl Rock Songs Are Written About

How To Hide An Erection

How To Fly An Airplane


Vid Of The Day: Family

My mom loved Three Dog Night and had all their records. I grew up on them. This song always gets lost in the shuffle between "One" and "Joy To The World." My favorite TDN song is "Shambala." This one is my second favorite.



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