Monday, October 8, 2012

News: Cops Bust Wannabe Batman. Again.


From The Smoking Gun.

Man In Batman Costume Busted By Cops. Again.

OCTOBER 3--A Michigan man who patrols the streets in a Batman costume is facing a felony charge after he allegedly interfered with a police investigation.

Mark Wayne Williams, 33, was busted after showing up at the site of an auto accident Saturday evening in Bear Creek Township in northern Michigan. Williams, dressed as Batman, was at the crash scene thanks to his monitoring of a police scanner, according to a court affidavit.

Investigators were probing the personal injury accident since the driver responsible for the crash had fled the scene. In a bid to track the motorist, troopers enlisted the help of a K-9 dog.

As troopers “were securing a large area for the search of the subject,” Williams “took it upon himself to search the area in his Batman persona,” according to a Michigan State Police statement.

Williams, seen below, told investigators that he “wanted to help troopers and searched part of the area before being found by troopers.” He added that he “just happened to be wearing his costume when he heard of the search.”

Concerned that Williams’s actions could compromise the dog’s ability to track the driver’s scent, troopers directed him to depart the area. But the wannabe superhero refused to comply. 

Troopers responded by arresting Williams for resisting and obstructing a police investigation, a felony carrying a maximum two-year prison term.

Investigators seized Williams’s homemade Batman outfit and gear, and booked him into the Emmet County jail (from which he bonded out Sunday). 

Williams is scheduled for an October 18 court appearance.

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Can You Believe They Dated? Unlikely Celeb Couples Of The Day

From Fox, who forgot the most bizarre pairing of all: Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert, who dated in the 80s.


The "Charles in Charge" star has been very vocal about all the lovely ladies that he's bedded over the years. Some of those ladies include Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards, but the most shocking is Liza Minnelli (shown here). The fling happened when he was 35 and she was 49. And he apparently called it off by saying he didn't want "a long term thing." He also called her body at the time "insane."


In 1996 these two fresh-faced stars played opposite each other in "Romeo + Juliet." Rumors began immediately that their love affair played out off screen as well.
Claire recently said, "I saw Leo the other day and in some ways our dynamic is absolutely the same, but then it’s like, 'Oh, but wait, we’re big, fat grown-ups!'"


Back in the mid 80's, when Katie Holmes was still a little kid, Tom Cruise dated Cher. The iconic singer told ET: "When we were together he was such a private person. I loved him though, he was amazing."


This unlikely duo met on the set of the TV movie "Too Young to Die" in 1990 and began a hot and heavy relationship despite their 10 year age gap (she was 16 and he was 26!). They even lived together for a time and then broke up shortly after.


Everyone was scratching their head when clean-cut Renee Zellweger started dating dirty, weird-looking White Stripes frontman Jack White. Didn't last. What a surprise.


Who knew Fergie was once a cougar?! She dated Justin Timberlake when she was 23 and he was only 16, telling Australia's Courier Mail: "It was before he got real heavy with Britney"


Maxim's 'unsexiest woman' SJP dated the world's most desired man, the late JFK Jr., for several months in the 90's.

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News: Divers Rescue Inflatable Sex Doll From Black Sea

Officials credit her survival to quick-thinking rescuers who immediately administered several rounds of penis-to-mouth resuscitation. From HuffPo and Tonya H.

Divers 'Rescue' Blow-Up Sex Doll

Sept. 23, 2012

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish rescue workers retrieved an inflatable sex doll from the Black Sea after police were notified by panicked residents who mistook it for a woman's body floating offshore, Milliyet newspaper reported on Sunday.

Police cordoned off a wide stretch of beach in northern Samsun province and sent a team of divers into the water to rescue what appeared to be a drowning woman, it said.

The team quickly discovered it was in fact a blow-up doll, which they deflated before throwing in the garbage, the daily said.

It was not clear where the blow-up doll had came from. The Black Sea is a key tourism destination for Turks and also sees busy international maritime shipping traffic

Amusingly Vandalized Signs Of The Day

An updated LOTD classic.



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