Monday, October 1, 2012

News: Danny Bonaduce Bitten On Face By Fan

Good, the slimy lizard. The woman should be the one worried about catching something, not Bonadouchebag. From US Weekly.

Actor Danny Bonaduce Bit in the Face by Fan at Casino Appearance in Washington

October 1, 2012

by Allison Corneau

Wouldn't a simple handshake have sufficed?

Former child actor Danny Bonaduce learned that meeting and greeting fans can be a dangerous undertaking when a woman eager to meet Bonaduce bit the "Partridge Family" star on his face.

Chatting with fans at a Washington state casino Friday, Bonaduce, 53, encountered the woman during a meet-and-greet and she asked for a kiss after lavishing him with praise for his Partridge Family role.

"They were tiny little Chucky teeth. Man, they just gnawed like piranhas," Bonaduce told KIRO-TV of the woman's teeth, which she sunk into his cheek near his left ear. 

"People are trying to pull her off me . . . I'm screaming like a baby," continued Bonaduce, adding that he will not press charges against the woman, who was taken into custody immediately following Friday's incident.

Given antibiotics as a precaution, the actor told KIRO-TV that he worried the woman was under the influence of bath salts, which contain amphetamine-like chemicals.

World's Nuttiest Hangover Remedies Of The Day

I've had some bad hangovers in my day, but never bad enough to eat a feckin' fried canary. Refined Guy.


Some Puerto Ricans apparently believe hangovers are caused in part by dehydration, which is true. However, they also believe that lemon juice can prevent dehydration (which might be true) if you rub it under your arm pit (definitely not true). So that’s what some of them do before a night of heavy boozing: rub lemon slices on their armpits. God help you if you just shaved.


An old Irish legend says that the best way to cure yourself of a hangover is to bury yourself up to you neck in wet river sand. Why? It’s not exactly clear. Being buried in cold sand could help with the body ache and maybe the nausea (Irish river sand being cold and all), but other than that it just sounds like something a guy named Seamus made up to get a guy named Sean to do something stupid.


This hangover recipe comes to us from none other than Pliny the Elder, the ancient Roman author and naturalist, who apparently had a real fondness for wine and cheese and sometimes indulged too much. Luckily he had a family recipe for hangovers: take a canary, lop off the head, pop it into a pan of boiling oil, let it sizzle, and voila—tasty breakfast and no more hangover.


Katerfrühstück means “hangover breakfast” in German (so I’m told). And one traditional hangover breakfast in Germany consists of a delicacy called rollmops: pickled herring wrapped around pickled cucumber and onion. This one actually makes sense—all that salt probably would help you feel better. And if the pickled herring should happen to make you barf, well that’s good too, because you always feel better after you hurl.


Here’s an old-fashioned American remedy: raw egg, worcester sauce, salt, pepper, and tabasco. Is there any science behind it? Eggs are certainly good for a hangover, but there's little advantage and some danger to eating them raw. And I’m pretty sure there is zero nutritional value in worcester or tabasco sauce. So maybe the whole thing was just concocted by some angry parent trying to teach their kid a lesson.


In Sicily—I assume in the olden days—men who had a little too much vino used to cure their hangovers by gnawing on dried bull penises. The idea was that it would restore their virility. And really, how could it not? I mean, what’s more virile than a bull? And what’s the most virile part of a bull?

See the rest here.

My All-Time Favorite Onion Story Of The Day

From The Onion. If you're too young to get it, bummer. 

Thanks, Amy Carey, for the reminder.

Christopher Cross Finally Reaches Mexican Border

Feb. 10, 1999

NOGALES, MEXICO—After nearly 20 years on the run, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Christopher Cross finally reached the Mexican border Monday.

"I had such a long way to go," said Cross, who fled south after gunning down 10 in 1980, "but I've finally made it to the border of Mexico."

Doctors, who described Cross' body as "weak," said much sleep would be necessary to restore the health of the fugitive adult-contemporary vocalist.


September Motivational Poster Roundup

A review of last month's Motivational Posters of the Day (MPOTD). I could have sworn there were more.



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