Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drunken Shamings Of The Day, Vol. 5

We shamed the dogs. Might as well shame the humans. The lesson here? Choose your drinking buddies carefully.

Flour Power

Don't run off, ok?

Picasso was behind this one

"That's it," said Lola the Chihuahua. "I'm out of here."

Kermit finally finds his rainbow connection

A real Viking can hold his liquor

Now put him in the microwave

WTF? They cracked a pterodactyl egg on his head?

Oooh...and in public too

Why so serious?

I eat cock, but no middle fingers allowed

Five bucks is a good deal

Um... too much?


It's like a TP teepee

Hitler was such an asshat.

News Of The Day: LL Cool J Thwarts Intruder With Punch To The Face

I'm hearing Nelson Muntz's laugh. From Steve Henderson and NPR.

LL Cool J: Rapper, Actor And Real Life Tough Guy : NPR
by Korva Coleman
Aug. 23, 2012

He really IS cool. 

James Todd Smith, better known as rapper and actor LL Cool J, decked a would-be intruder in his Studio City home early Wednesday, foiling a burglary.

Smith apparently broke the nose and jaw of the suspect, who's in police custody after a 'knock-down, drag out fight', according to the Los Angeles Times. Maybe he picked up his fighting skills from his role on NCIS Los Angeles, where he plays special agent Sam Hanna, a former U.S. Navy SEAL.

The actor is fine and so is his family, according to a publicist. 

The Times identifies the alleged intruder as Jonathan Kirby, described as a 'transient with a length arrest record for thefts, fights and drugs'.

Media sites are bursting with praise: 'LL Cool J TAKES DOWN Intruder In His House', shouts TMZ. LL Cool J 'Puts Hurt On Burglar', adds the New York Post. "Rapper, Actor, Burglar Catcher," says the Washington Post.

But the best line is from L.A. police Sgt. Frank Preciado, who told AP LL Cool J restrained the suspect until police arrived: "My understanding is he just had him in custody with his physical strength."

Maybe the best warning for criminals comes from LL Cool J himself, who put out his hit album, 'Mama Said Knock You Out', in 1990.

News: Mom Unaware That Note She Packed In Son's Lunch Is Getting Him Beaten Up Right Now

From The Onion.

Mom Unaware Little Note She Packed With Son's Lunch Getting Him Beaten Up Right Now

SUN VALLEY, ID—Dental hygienist and mother June Treadway, 36, appears unaware that the thoughtful note she wrote at 6:30 a.m. and slipped into her son's lunch is the reason why he's now getting the shit kicked out of him, witnesses confirmed Thursday. 

"I like to leave a message in there each day so he gets a nice little surprise at lunchtime," Treadway said of the note taped to a cup of mandarin oranges that is currently being dumped over the 10-year-old's head as he is mercilessly made fun of for eating "pussy food." 

"It's just my way of letting him know that, even if he's having a hard day at school, there's someone at home who will always be there for him." 

Reports indicated Treadway is also unaware that, later tonight, the bully who taunted her son will read the note aloud to himself and pretend it's from his own mother, who abandoned her family eight years ago.

Dog Shamings Of The Day

From the blog, Dogshaming. Link from Rachael.

More at Dogshaming.


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