Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Links Of The Day

More to come.

I like bananas, but not this much. (From Teresa)

Sexual harassment: not funny. Sexual harassment stock photos: Hilarious.

Indie movies fan but can't find what you want on Netflix or Hulu? Try Prescreen.

How did I miss this as a kid? The Empire Strikes Back TV special.

I didn't see the entire list, but if it doesn't include Seth Rogen/Katherine Heigl and Jack Nicholson/Helen Hunt, it's a fail.

Porn for pregnant women. (SFW - not really porn. From Teresa.)

The Sean Bean Movie Death Reel. Poor bastard eats it in every movie. Very violent.

I'm not trying too hard to be stylish--I don't try at all--but you might be.


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