Thursday, February 2, 2012

WTF? Photo Of The Day

I'm so confused. Maybe they all have the same agent?

News Of The Day: Minnesota Man Busted For DWI--On A Zamboni

The cops are on top of it in Minnesota, eh? I'll sleep better at night knowing this menace is off the streets ice. From The Smoking Gun.

Cops Arrest Minnesota Man For DWI. He Was Driving A Zamboni.

February 1, 2012--For the second time in recorded history, a motorist has been arrested for driving a Zamboni under the influence.

On Monday evening, cops in Apple Valley, Minnesota busted Joel Bruss for suspicion of DWI. Bruss, 34, was collared at the Hayes Arena, where he operated the ice resurfacing vehicle.

Bruss is pictured above in a mug shot from an earlier arrest.

According to police, cops were summoned to the rink by witnesses who watched as the Zamboni careened across the ice and bounced off the sideboards. When officers arrived, they saw Bruss, a part-time employee, “struggling to maneuver the Zamboni off the ice.”

When cops approached Bruss, they noticed that he was “unsteady on his feet and smelled of an alcoholic beverage.” Arrested following the completion of field sobriety tests, Bruss was transported to the Apple Valley police station, where “blood alcohol testing was completed.”

The previous Zamboni DWI bust occurred in June 2005, when a 63-year-old man was collared for recklessly operating the machine at a New Jersey rink.

The United States Of Television

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Singer Of The Day (vid)

You have to listen to the guy's intro. Talk about delusional.

12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie "Groundhog Day"

From Buzzfeed.

Bill Murray was bitten by the groundhog twice during shooting.

Director Harold Ramis originally wanted Tom Hanks for the lead role, but decided against it, saying that Hanks was “too nice.”

Tori Amos was considered for the role of Rita.

A family of groundhogs was actually raised for the production.

The movie was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois. In Woodstock, there’s a small plaque that reads “Bill Murray stepped here” on the curb where Murray continually steps into a puddle.

According to an interview with director Harold Ramis, he and Bill Murray argued over the tone of the film. Murray wanted the film to be more philosophical while Ramis wanted it to be more comedic. The two argued throughout the production and have not spoken to each other since.

According to director Harold Ramis, most of the times when he tried to explain a scene to Bill Murray, Murray would interrupt and ask, “Just tell me - good Phil or bad Phil?”

See the rest at Buzzfeed.


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