Tuesday, September 27, 2011

30 Cool Stanley Kubrick Cinemagraphs (Of The Day)

Iconic moving images from Kubrick's best movies. From FilmmakerIQ.

Filmmaker IQ: "Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement action occurs. The term 'cinemagraph' was coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used the technique to animate their fashion and news photographs beginning in early 2011."

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News Of The Day: Man Busted for Breaking Into Celine Dion's Mansion, Snacking, Bathing

If only Mr. Bedard had left a big dump in her toilet, he would win the gold medal for poetic justice.

From Rachel and Yahoo's Amplifier blog.

Man Busted for Breaking Into Celine Dion's Mansion, Snacking, Bathing

Sep 7, 2011--A man named Daniel Bedard has been arrested for breaking into CĂ©line Dion's Montreal mansion, eating dessert, and running himself a bath.

According to the AP, the 36-year-old suspect gained entry to the singer's house fairly easily -- he hopped a fence, located a garage door opener in an unlocked car, and waltzed right in.

Once inside, the intruder made himself at home quite literally. (Dion, her husband Rene Angelil, and their children were not present at the Quebec residence at the time.)

"He opened the water faucets, was pouring a nice warmish bath [and] he even managed to eat some pastry that was in the fridge," police spokesman Franco Di Genova said.

According to the BBC, "Snack wrappers were then discovered in the kitchen, as well as cigarette butts and discarded notes in an office."

An alarm notified cops of a break-in, and when officers came upon the suspect, he even asked them, " 'Hey guys, what are you doing here?' " to which cops essentially responded, um, back at you, dude.

The perp, thinking on his feet, then told authorities he was a family friend, the BBC reports.

After confirming Bedard was not expected at the residence, he was arrested, charged with breaking and entering, car theft, and causing property damage, and released.

Perhaps Bedard should get in touch with the two brave, clueless men who busted into 50 Cent's house, drank wine, and hid in a closet. There could be a blog-to-book deal in here somewhere.

Craptastic 70s Song Of The Day

A lot of us old-timers like to moan about how terrible music is today compared to what we listened to growing up, but the truth is that we had plenty of suck back in the 70s, too. Maybe not as much suck as we have now--I'm thinking 20% suck back then, 90% now--but suck nonetheless. Here's a perfect of example of 70s crapola from yet another group who licked up the crumbs of success left behind by Jackson 5, Osmonds, Partridge Family and other family bands.

Wikipedia says that lead singer Tony Defranco is now a real estate agent in Westlake Village, California.


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