Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Fails Of The Day

From DRSJF and failblog.org.

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Vid Of The Day: Monster Truck Tug Of War

I think we have a winner.

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Machine Gun Preacher

I'd see it. I like movies where wimps and ne'er-do-wells decide to take out the tampon and start kicking ass.

News Of The Day: I Bet He Was Texting, Too

From Keith and The Smoking Gun.

59-Year-Old Guy Busted For Driving, Drinking Beer, Having Sex At Same Time

August 24, 2011--Meet George Howard.

The Kentucky man was arrested early this morning after police spotted his 2006 Ford swerving across the road in a Louisville suburb. At one point, the vehicle collided with the curb, almost causing an accident.

Cops say that Howard, 59, was having difficulty controlling the auto because he was simultaneously driving, drinking a beer, and having sex with his 53-year-old female passenger (whose head was buried between Howard’s legs).

Howard, pictured in the mug shot above, copped to having sex while driving, according to a Jefferstown Police Department report. An officer reported spotting Howard drinking a beer prior to a traffic stop. A subsequent Breathalyzer test recorded his blood alcohol content at .152, nearly twice the state’s .08 limit.

Howard’s companion, who was not arrested, tried to hide a beer under her dress as police approached.

When Howard exited the car, “his pants fell to the ground,” police reported.

Booked for drunk driving, wanton endangerment, and reckless driving, Howard was released from jail late this afternoon.

"The Moment I Knew" Stories Of The Day

From The Huffington Post:

Was there a moment you knew your marriage was over? The split-second you saw the writing on the wall--even if you didn't acknowledge as much until later? We put the question to the Twitter-verse and collected our favorite responses below (and the most surprising--who knew bacon could figure in the demise of a lifelong union?)

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How about you? When did you know?


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