Thursday, July 14, 2011

Music Video Of The Day: Walls

From 1998, Nanci Griffith covers a pretty Jimmy Webb tune (though she certainly wasn't the first; see Glen Campbell, Shawn Colvin, Amy Grant, et al).

And then there's Jimmy's own version, which is probably the best of all.

News Of The Day: Satan Returns Murdoch's Soul

From The Borowitz Report.

Disgusted, Satan Returns Murdoch’s Soul

Media Titan Loses Closest Ally

LONDON (The Borowitz Report) – In a blow that many insiders saw as the last straw for embattled media titan Rupert Murdoch, Satan today returned Mr. Murdoch’s soul to him and demanded his money back.

“Rupert Murdoch has done my bidding for decades, but that relationship is now terminated,” read the terse statement from the Prince of Darkness, who close associates said has been “disgusted” by Murdoch’s recent activities.

Purchased by Satan in Melbourne, Australia in 1951, Mr. Murdoch’s soul is estimated to have a current value of nine dollars (US).

Around the media world, observers were stunned by this latest setback for Mr. Murdoch, who in Satan is losing one of his closest and most powerful allies.

But according to Ian Langramstone, who at his post as the University of Nottingham has studied Mr. Murdoch’s relationship with Satan for years, the slap in the face from the Lord of Misrule should not come as a surprise.

“Satan never wants to be the last one to desert a sinking ship,” said Mr. Langromstone. “He always takes his lead from British politicians.”

In what many saw a tacit admission of the depth of his current problems, Mr. Murdoch today cancelled plans to purchase the remainder of the British government that he does not already own.

Elsewhere, pitcher Roger Clemens celebrated his steroid case being declared a mistrial by throwing a car across the courthouse parking lot.

Vid Of The Day: Toy Wars

If only. When I was little, the best you could do was blow up army men with firecrackers (we weren't exactly supervised back then). Luckily I still have all nine of my fingers.

Bar Band Photos Of The 70s & 80s

Another rerun. My apologies for the paltry pickin's this week. Been traveling for work but now I'm home. New stuff is forthcoming.


Captions unnecessary. A great link from Seth and

(Lots more here)

Vid Of The Day: Shark Whisperer

Sure, lady. Jump in the water and see what kind of understanding you have.

Best YouTube comment: "That's Chuck Norris' mom."


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