Friday, February 4, 2011

Vid Of The Day: Speed Enforced By Aircraft

I wish they'd do this on my street. From TheMovieGuru.

News Story Of The Day: No More Titty Bars For Benji

I tell ya.. it's been a rough week for male genitalia.

From The Smoking Gun.

Strip Club Visits Trigger Near Castration

FEBRUARY 2--Angered by her husband’s visits to “titty bars,” a Wisconsin woman held a knife to the man’s genitals in an apparent threat to castrate him, according to police.

Maria Casarez, 39, is facing a disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon rap in connection with the January 14 incident, according to a Circuit Court criminal complaint.

Investigators report that Casarez and her husband Benjamin had returned to their home after an evening of drinking when “they started getting intimate.” As she was “going down” on her disrobed spouse, Casarez somehow retrieved a pocket knife.

With the weapon in her right hand and Benjamin’s testicles in her left, Casarez allegedly “brought the knife to the testicles and made contact with the point of the knife.”

Startled, Benjamin sat up, knocked the knife out of his wife’s hand, and said, “How dare you!” He later called police.

When questioned by deputies, Casarez “complained of marital problems,” noting that she was upset by Benjamin’s “recent visits to ‘titty bars.’” Investigators helpfully described those bars as “establishments which feature nude female dancing.”

Casarez said that she “decided to scare him by placing a knife to his genitals.”

A sheriff’s deputy recovered the knife from the couple’s bedroom, where Casarez submitted to a Breathalyzer test that showed her blood alcohol content to be .125.

She is scheduled for a February 21 court appearance.

January Found Porn Roundup

There is no escape.

By Matthew Broderick

Every time he presses the "+" button, his wife sneaks back in and presses the "-" button.

Nice try, Wolverine.

Twin Peaks? Twin Teats?

Sometimes you really wish Donald Duck wore pants.

4 pumps, 1 load. Just like high school.

You say "va-TAY-to," I say "va-TAH-to."

I'm guessing no.

It's usually $20 but they give you a discount on Hump Day.

I wonder how Steve feels about working for MILF Realtors and giving out free blowjobs?

Chocolate or butterscotch? Or one of each?


Done. What happens next?

He really enjoys his work.

Tweak tweak tweak tweak.. Knock it off! That tickles.

That's right, who's your daddy?


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