Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

No more posts until next week. Feel free to peruse our abundant archives if you need a fix (link in sidebar).

I leave you with my very own Christmas list. I've been pretty naughty this year, so this is more like my wish list in a perfect world. A boy can dream.

  • More time to play with my child
  • More time to read all your blogs
  • A long winter's nap (I'm thinking at least two weeks)
  • Time to redesign this fugly blog
  • A haircut
  • More comments on posts (preferably non-anonymous, but I'm not picky)
  • A week where I don't have to write anything
  • To see a movie that doesn't have talking animals in it
  • A Red Ryder BB gun (for all the *#$@! crows around here)
  • A massage (the legal kind)
  • One full day of absolute quiet
  • Time to read The Road, Band Of Brothers, Bird By Bird, and the other 7 books that have sat on my bedside table for the last year
  • To make money on this blog so I can pay people to contribute
  • Inspiration
  • To help all the hurting people I know stop hurting (including a few FOLOTDs).

I hope everyone has a safe and satisfying holiday. Thank you all for reading LOTD.


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