Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Need Menstruating Short-Term Friend

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seeking menstruating short-term friend - w4w

Date: 2009-08-28, 7:00PM PDT

Hi there. I am looking for a new friend, one who is currently or will soon be on her period. Mine is two weeks late and, while I know I'm not pregnant, I would like to kick-start mine to get back on my normal, lovely schedule.

I would prefer it if you have a history of being dominant in these matters (i.e. do you have a history of setting other women's cycles?) so my chances are maximized.

Must be willing to spend lots of time in a somewhat small space with me (we can watch cheesy romantic comedies in my walk in closet. or... maybe the living room) so the pheromones (that is the leading theory for why this works, right?) are sure to, uh, transfer (or whatever they do).

And if you happen to know a bunch of other women who're also menstruatin', bring them too.

And I know it's hot, so I'm offering to provide as much haagen dazs as it takes to make it through the heat.

Catch Of The Day: Playa59 (video)

Single ladies: please form a single line to my left. Thank you.

From Emmi.

"And I'm-a lookin' fer a girl who likes biscuits and mustard, mm-hmm."

Photoshops Of The Day: Partner Swap

From a series of Photoshop contests on Worth1000.

Non-Lethal Weapon


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