Friday, December 3, 2010

Icky Thing That Washed Ashore Of The Day

This video has a few things going for it.

a) It's kinda gross.
2. It involves questionable use of the scientific method.
iii. It's undoubtedly fake.
IV. It kinda turns me on at one point.


Wireless Network Name Of The Day

Heh heh. That's evil. I like it.

Music Video Of The Day: Keep It In Your Pants

I don't believe her. She really does want to see it. Reverse psychology and whatnot.

November Engrish Loundup


Here, I'll check for you.

A sort of fried pork.

Nobody wants a gift from your ass.

Great, I'll trade you this one full of shit for a clean one.

No, really, thanks. We'll walk funny for a week, but that's okay.

Don't choking.

Will not play The Ten Commandments or any Kirk Cameron movies.

You can keep your socks on.

It's not my fault. Piss make me like this.

You must be this deformed to enter.

Mmm, chicken and drug. Even better than chicken and waffle.

Take that shit outside.

For people who say, "I'll eat anything fried."

Hole cutter sold separately.

Stay out of the Western Style toilet until you figure it out.

Perfect for your release party!

Prank Calls of the Day (vid)

"Do you deliver?" ~posted by Daisy


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