Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Pussycat

I've heard of this but haven't seen it. Yet. Checking Netflix now.

From Julie M.

News Story Of The Day: Woman Drives For Months With Mummified Body In Car

I bet they hit her with a stiff fine.

From Tom Kane, FOLOTD and VO talent extraordinaire (via AOL News).


(Oct. 22) -- Police in Costa Mesa, Calif., said they are investigating a former real estate agent who drove around for months with a mummified body riding in the passenger seat of her four-door sedan.

The corpse is believed to be that of a local homeless woman, police said.

"In our profession, right when you get to that point where you think you've seen it all, something else comes along that says, 'Well, I guess I've seen something else that I'd never expected,' " Costa Mesa police Sgt. Paul Beckman told AOL News today. "It's definitely one of the more bizarre things that I've come across."

Beckman said the investigation began Monday evening, when officers were dispatched to the 2100 block of Tustin Avenue to follow up on a complaint that a 1997 Mercury Marquis was blocking a driveway.

"When they arrived, they attempted to locate the driver of the vehicle and during that investigation, they noted a strong odor being emitted from the vehicle," Beckman said. "Upon further inquiry they saw what appeared to be a foot sticking out from beneath some blankets in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. So they broke the window to get in and found the decedent seated in the front passenger seat of the vehicle."

When authorities located the driver of the vehicle, she initially denied knowledge of the corpse, Los Angeles' KTLA 5 reported. Upon further prodding, she told police she had allowed a homeless woman whom she had befriended in December to sleep in her vehicle.

She said the homeless woman had died for unknown reasons.

Rather than contact police, the driver left her propped up on the passenger seat and continued to drive her vehicle, police said.

"Early in the death -- the first couple of weeks -- it would have been a very horrific smell," Costa Mesa police Sgt. Ed Everett told AOL News. "At some point, over time, the smell would have dissipated. But there definitely was still quite a bit of smell and odor in the car."

Everett described the victim's condition as "basically skin and bones -- kind of like a mummy," he said.

(Story continues on AOL News)

Dirty Statues Of The Day (NSFW)

Some intentional, some not. Photos from Buzzfeed and Uphaa.

OWWWW! Watch the teeth!

I hope that's not a drinking fountain

It was the least she could do. He was rock hard.

Penis and ball, in honor of Lance Armstrong

Talk about a cluster fuck

Stick your head in there. I dare ya.

I know it's small but it gets REALLY hard

Please? I won't tell anybody. I just wanna see it.

Damn. What did you eat?

Fuckin' cats...

Got your balls!

Yes! Yes! YES!!

I feel like we're being watched.

Vid Of The Day: Between Two Ferns With Charlize Theron

Did I already post this? No? Yeah? Well too fuckin' bad. Watch it again.


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