Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Helpful Video Of The Day: Welcome To My Home

The title card says 2009, but that simply cannot be. This is 1985, tops. But then, good advice never goes out of style. Spoof? Nope.

This is the spoof.

Fugly-Ass Babies Of The Day

We can't all be born beautiful.

You talkin' to me? I don't see anybody else here.

Ice-T, the early years

Charles Bronson?

Good god. I bet Mom had fun squeezing that out. Ouch.

She put the head in redhead

I just dropped a load in my diaper about yea big

Call me ugly again and I will fight you. After I cry.

I shall call her (?) "Mini-Me"

HOLY SHIT my nuts just froze

Inka dinka doo

The FUCK did you just say?

Chris Farley?

This isn't one of them

Vid Of The Day: Trolzillalolol

The meme goes on. Thanks, RGR.

Video Of The Day: Undercover Karaoke With Jewel

Jewel is cool. I'm not a fan of her music, but I like her. And not just because she's pretty and has big knockers, although that's probably the main reason.

Redneck Cakes Of The Day

Funnies from Karen C.

"Boggin'" Cake

Trailer Cake. That there's a nice trailer, too.

Stump Cake, Shotgun Wedding version

Mullet-And-Hound Cake

Somebody drank all those. One guy in one sitting, probably.

Horseshoe Cake that looks like a Toilet Seat Cake

She-Done-Gone-A-Huntin' Cake

Demolition Derby Cake. "Got-R-Did."

Inelda works hard on her CamoCake for Ed Tom's birthday.

Barn Cake. Wood paneling for show only.

Shern's Cowboy Cake


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