Friday, May 21, 2010

Commercial Of The Day: Nike "Write The Future"

Nike's calling this the best ad they've ever done, which is saying something. And they might be right. This is spectacular.

From Tom Kane.

WTF?! Music Vid Of The Day: Doctor's Orders

O.M.G. Ever wonder what Hell will be like? Here's a glimpse.

If you only watch one video on LOTD this week, this is the one to watch.

Kenny G - Against Doctor's Orders (Official Music Video)

Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress Uses Of The Day

Kevin's wife left him -- and left behind her wedding dress. Now he's coming up with 101 ways to use it. Funny stuff from My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress (where you can see more of these).

Oil pan

Pasta strainer

Sporting event banner

Shoe cleaner


Dog toy


Classic 70s Music Video Of The Day: Him

And you thought "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" was cheesy. This is Rupert's follow-up to that. Pay special attention to the lyrics.

I keep hoping that shaded glasses will make a comeback. I've always wanted a pair. And I love the guitarists in this vid, tearing it up like they're playing The Who or something. Dudes -- chill. It's Rupert Holmes.

I shouldn't make too much fun of the guy, though. The Rupe has had a nice career as an award-winning songwriter, playwright and author.

Inappropriate Golden Books Of The Day

Pixar story artist Josh Cooley spent much time and effort crafting several iconic scenes from films best not shown to children to put on his blog. Great news! He's putting together a book called Movies R Fun which will be available before too long via his blog. Buy it for the kids!

Jackass Of The Day

But hey, if you're gonna do something, do it right. I wonder how many times he got keyed?


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