Thursday, May 20, 2010 Links Of The Day

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10 Funniest Dubbed Commercials

23 Movie Propaganda Posters

5 Candidates To Be The Next Susan Boyle

Create Your Own Custom Father's Day Gift

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Black People How They Feel About Justin Bieber Getting An
NAACP Award Nomination

Explain how you earned your first dollar, win a prize.

13 Movies I'll Never Watch Unless You Kill Me And Prop My Lifeless Corpse In Front Of A TV

An LOTD classic, which is just a nicer way of saying rerun.

Is this a movie or the cover of the NAMBLA recruitment guide?
I suspect a lot of weepy father-son bonding. Pass.

I don't like movies about "special" people. Especially ones on bikes.

Nope, I didn't.

M. Night Shyamalamadickweed hasn't made a good movie since
The Sixth Sense, and here's one about an apartment super who finds a fairy living in his pool (and I don't mean Harvey Fierstein). As exciting as that sounds, I'm gonna beg off.

I don't like movies about "special" people. Even ones with Ashley Judd. "Two thumbs up, way up"... your cornhole.

I don't like movies with crazy people.

Meet my nutsack.

Laughter is contagious. So is suck, and Robin's ate up with it.

Notting on your life.

I have a notebook, too. Mine says this movie blows.

Isn't this the movie that gave us "Wind Beneath My Wings"? Did you ever know that I hate Midler? She's someone that I would like to beat.

After Femme Fatale, I vowed that Brian DePalma would never get another dollar from me as long as I live. I intend to honor that vow.

The only thing more boring than watching golf? Watching movies about golf. Hey, maybe someone will make a movie about watching golf. That would be great.

How about you? What's a movie(s) you'll never watch?

Mash-Up Of The Day: The Lost Lebowski (NSFW)

I'm probably the last person on the planet to realize that Mark Pellegrino, who plays Jacob on "Lost," is also the thug who pees on The Dude's rug -- after dunking his head in the toilet -- in The Big Lebowski.

Original clip:


Classic Movie Trailer Of The Day: A Night At The Opera

IFC did a list of the 50 best movie trailers ever made. This was #27. I love it, especially the beginning... and Kitty "Match Game" Carlisle.

Such gay hilarity.

Parents Of The Year Candidates (NSFW)

Ya know, it's gonna be tough to pick a winner this year. Far too many worthy candidates.

Pics from Lanie Painie, Mandy, Don, Heidi Renee, and Amy H.


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