Tuesday, April 20, 2010

America's Favorite (And Least Favorite) Cities Of The Day

A special report from Travel & Leisure magazine (full article here). Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just posting what they wrote.

We asked — and America has spoken.

In 2008, TravelAndLeisure.com and CNN Headline News polled travelers and residents on what they like (and don't like) about 25 top urban destinations in the U.S. Turns out that people have some pretty strong feelings about New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and other hot spots — we received nearly 60,000 responses.

All-Around Place to Visit
Top 3: San Diego, Honolulu, San Francisco
Bottom 3: Atlanta (Ha ha!), Washington, D.C., Dallas

People (overall)
Top 3: San Francisco, Austin, Seattle
Bottom 3: Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas

Top 3: Chicago, New Orleans, Austin
Bottom 3: Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Santa Fe

Attractive People
Top 3: Miami, San Diego, Charleston
Bottom 3: Dallas, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia

Top 3: Charleston, New Orleans, Minneapolis
Bottom 3: Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles

Intelligent People
Top 3: Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston
Bottom 3: Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Fun People
Top 3: New Orleans, Austin, Honolulu
Bottom 3: Phoenix (dodging Rascals isn't fun?), Dallas, Washington, D.C.

Personal Style
Top 3: New York, Miami, San Francisco
Bottom 3: Orlando, Philadelphia, San Antonio

Top 3: New York, Charleston, Chicago
Bottom 3: Washington, D.C., Las Vegas (Wrong. Vegas has the best selection of hookers in the world!), Orlando.

Top 3: New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago
Bottom 3: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando

Top 3: New York, San Francisco, New Orleans
Bottom 3: Nashville (Oh come on, Nashville is diverse! They have country AND western!), Phoenix, Dallas

Top 3: Minneapolis/St. Paul (only because trash freezes and disintegrates in mid-air), Portland, San Diego
Bottom 3: New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans

Top 3: San Diego, Honolulu, Santa Fe
Bottom 3: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, Chicago

Wild Weekend
Top 3: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami
Bottom 3: Dallas, Washington, D.C., Santa Fe (They've obviously never been to happy hour at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. It gets pretty nutty there sometimes.)

Call For Photos: Your Senior Portraits

I always enjoy posting photos of my FOLOTDs, and several of you asked if we could do one with your senior portraits.

Absofrickenlutely. Let's do it. (Sorry, Bev, stealing your idea).

Send your pics to me at ListOfTheDay@yahoo.com. Please use subject "SENIOR PHOTO" so I'll be sure to see it.

Don't be afraid - at worst, you might get some good-natured teasing (no abusive comments allowed); at best, Ripley's might want your pic for their museum. They already contacted me about my hair.

Hit me.

Classic 80s Music Vid Of The Day: Talk

I like to post this one every six months or so. Why? Because I can. And because it's AWESOME! I've also finally figured out who all the cameos are. See list below.


:35 - Jim Ignatowski
:42 - Jim McKay
:44 - Ralph Macchio's dad
1:00 - Me, in high school
1:19 - Doug Henning and Tanya Tucker
1:29 - Heart
1:32 - Bailey Quarters
1:39 - Harold Ramis?
2:10 - Sandy from Annie
2:14 - Rip Taylor
2:18 - Jermaine Jackson
2:40 - Daryl Hall
2:53 - Hank Williams, Jr.
2:59 - Wormser
3:00 - Loggins & Messina
3:06 - Billy Barty

Senior Portraits FTW! (Of The Day)

Meet the future, ladies and germs. I was inspired by Bev, who posted senior photos of her readers (and some of mine) yesterday.

When he finally graduated at age 37, Carlton was voted Most Likely To Die Before The 25-Year Class Reunion

How'd a crime scene photo get in here?

You gotta have the wrists for a pose like that, and Chaz has 'em

I hope the big one doesn't eat the little one

Shhh! You'll wake the Ewoks

Arthur refused to let menstrual cramps ruin his big day

One poses while the other keeps an eye out for any condors looking to nest

When he found out he wasn't graduating, Marcel shit bricks

Lance gets a taste of his future

This one time at band camp...

I love your denim.
I love your denim more.

No, I love yours more.

No, I do.

No, I do.

Kiss me, you fool.

J. Edgar Douchebag

Hey, handsome. Lookin' for a date?

High voltage

Multiple choice. This is: (a) a senior portrait (b) the cover of Honcho

Let me guess. The class ring maker also does the photos.

I had pants kinda like that. When I was 7.

Hang on, I gotta pee.

He's painting my house right after graduation

Ten bucks says he writes "poetry."

My sister had hair and glasses like that. And still wondered why she never had a boyfriend.

There's room for two more photos in there, I bet

Dude, I scored big last night.
With who?


I have no idea what gender this person is.

I'd step in front of a train too if I had hair like that

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is no laughing matter

Ehhh.... what's up, Doc?

I can't seem to forget you. Your windsong stays on my mind.

You're paying for that window, mister

Nice tie, Zorro. Got a gig with the Boston Pops later?


Cut to: 4 years from now. Greetings, and welcome to Medieval Tymes. I am Duncan, your humble servant. Might I start ye off with some libations or appetizers?

Which do you like better, my hair or my unibrow?

Commercial Of The Day: Winston

I wouldn't even know where to begin.

From TheMovieGuru.


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