Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photo Of The Day: Bike Seat

Choose your color carefully.

Vid Of The Daily: Every Oscar Movie Trailer

Funny stuff from Sorry about the R word; not a fan of it either.

Quiz Of The Day: Name That Movie

Six drawings per movie, no order, no stars. Very cool but very hard -- lots of older classics. The brilliant work of illustrator Paul Rogers (lots more of these at the link).

Here's an easy one for you.

Vid Of The Day: Don't Stop

Here's a big cup of awesomeness for ya. I love how they get so into it.

February Mugshot Roundup

Better late than never.

Aw now, don't cry. You'll be okay, Daffodil.

She must've assaulted her Supercuts stylist. I would've.

Good idea -- shoot your ovaries. The world has enough morons already.

The fuck is that?

Hey Steve, how'd that resisting arrest work out for ya?

Two heads are not always better than one

No, no -- MUGshot. Mug. M-u-g.

What'd she do, forget to return a library book?

Dammit, I told you not to scratch!

Yeah, curlers will make all the difference.

Keep your chin up, Bobbie Jean.

Mr. Henry Earl, America's inmate

You never forget your first cavity search. Ain't that right, Fred Savage?

Keep an ear out for lunch, okay?

Deney Terrio lives!

Dame Edna sans makeup


Shoot a duck, win a prize

Not if you were convicted of being a dipshit

Vid Of The Day: Handsome

This is funny. A bit long, but funny.

From my pal BLong.


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