Friday, January 8, 2010

Sucktacular 80s Video Of The Day

Goddamn they suck. And so does the quality of this video, but who cares?

From LVGurl.

Angry Complaint Letters Of The Day: AMA

Not everyone cared for this year's American Music Awards broadcast, apparently. I don't watch awards shows, so I missed it. Sounds interesting, though.

I'll warn you that these contain foul language and slurs against homosexuals.

Lots more of these idiots at The Smoking Gun.

Classic Commercial Of The Day: Alka-Seltzer

One of my all-time favorites.


Commercial Of The Day: Canal+

A new twist on a very old joke. Canal+ is a French pay TV channel.

Link from Willie.

December Mugshot Roundup

I pity them.

Not really.

Busted for armed robbery.

Kid busted. Play still at large.

What? I'm going on LOTD? Shit.

Don't look at me! My tattoo is hideous!

Whatcha in for, dickhead?

He died before they could prosecute him

I am become Death

Hey Shirley, where's Raj and Rerun?

Not really, no.

Wonder what's newer, the teeth or the wig?


"Patches.. I'm dependin' on you, son..."

Please don't smite me, God

Paddy cake, paddy cake, baker's man,
I flipped off a cop, now my ass is in the can


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