Monday, November 30, 2009

Vid Of The Day: Twilight Cycles (NSFW)

Don't worry, this will be the last Twilight-themed post. I couldn't pass this one up.

Billboard Fail Of The Day

First poor Dana gets set on fire, and now this. Clearly, God hates local news. And who can blame him?

Thanks for the pic, Mr. Minimac.

9 Reasons To Keep Your Kids Away From The Zoo (NSFW)

Funnies from The Courteous Chihuahua, who might have to change her name after this post.

Reason 9

Reason 8

Reason 7

Reason 6

Reason 5

Reason 4

Reason 3

Reason 2

Reason 1

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

This one's for Daisy and her naughty comments in the "How Pumpkin Pie Is Made" post.

And you thought "Man In Motion (St. Elmo's Fire)" was the only hit for John Parr and his tight fromullet. The gal in the blue skydiving suit -- is that lost 80s actress Jennifer Rubin?

E-Mail Exchange Of The Day: Little League

Another beauty from E-Mails From An Asshole and my Cajun buddy, Willie. I posted one of these before, and you can find a lot more on the guy's website. Funny stuff.

News Vid Of The Day: Night Off

Dana has the night off. Forever.


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