Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Auction Of The Day: Grill

I love the South. From The Smoking Gun.

Cops Get Teeth Into Case

OCTOBER 20 -- In the market for a set of used grills once worn by a perp? Well, Tennessee cops may have some gold for your cash.

The Nashville Police Department is auctioning a confiscated "set of custom made teeth grills," with the proceeds of the sale earmarked for the Police State Drug Fund. The mouth ornament is adorned with six topaz stones and two citrine stones. The grill is made of 10 karat yellow gold and carries an appraised value of $349.

It is unclear in whose mouth the item previously resided, but the jewelry was most recently stored in the Nashville P.D.'s property room, according to a city worker who assured TSG that the grill had been thoroughly cleaned by a jeweler.

Prospective bidders can inspect the jewelry -- but not try it on -- at a municipal warehouse between 8 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Thursday. But hurry, bidding closes in six days.

Bizarre Fortune Cookies Of The Day

Funnies from Kelli T. and (where you will find more of these)

Have you been talking to my wife?

Shit, there go my afternoon plans.

Ok, so if I do not follow the instructions, which are not to follow them, I then should follow them, right? But if I do so, then I'm back to not following them, aren't I? I'm so confused.

Welcome to El Paso.

Whew, at least I'm not emotional.

... two or three women telling him what to do and how to do it.

Sponsored by Jell-O.

That's exactly what Dad used to say.

Yes, please walk all over me.

Wink wink


Yes I am.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: I Need A Zombie

From Juicy Trixx.

oregon coast craigslist > personals > casual encounters

zombies..heed my call - m4w - 39 (selma)

Date: 2009-10-13, 7:46AM PDT

c/l sex me now! a man in need on craigslist is a zombie indeed! I hunger for flesh. i need warm living tissue....sounds kinda gross, huh? well the only "resident evil", here is my insane horny brain! And if you look like milla jovovich, well just shoot me now{head shot}

If this post seems a little weird, that's cause I am weird. zombie loving female, 420 friend, sought for fun sex and dodging passing cars on the highway [zombie style points]. come to the country and met my stable of zombie cats, they love warm flesh too!

swm 6'6" 180lbs. blue zombie eyes

Classic Vid Of The Day: Evil Eye

Old as dirt but by garsh it still makes me laugh.

Vid Of The Day: Mess

Yeah, nice job watching the kids while Mom was gone, Dad. This took some time; where the eff were you? Watching the game? Napping? Working on your blog? Parenting FAIL.

The closest we ever came to this kind of mess was when my kid wiped her poop all over the crib tent. Three times. There's a smell you never forget. We got the hint and took it off.

Meatscapes Of The Day


More here.


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