Monday, October 12, 2009

September Mugshot Roundup

Another sad parade...

Terrell had a head for the shoe shine business

Put David Crosby back on the organ transplant list, this time for an eye.

"Ha ha, nice Billy Bob teeth, dude! Where'd you ge--huh? Oh. Sorry."

The sun comes up at the crack of Dawn

Her eyebrows look like grasshopper legs, and that top was a tablecloth two days ago.

Fold 'em!

Lamont suddenly felt like half the man he used to be.

They be talkin' 'bout that shitty tattoo

Are those hair plugs? Ha ha, just kidding, Flashdance.

You look better with the hair down in front, Cousin It

"The FUCK you lookin' at?"
"Your forehead says 'stare'"
"Oh. Right. My bad."

The jacket flap is covering up the "Un-"

Nice shirt, Yanni. Fingerhut? Or Party City?

Great Clips - still only $11

Connect the dots to see something stupid

Is your name Claude by any chance?

Don't cry for me, Orange Tina

"We've got to get this woman to a hospital."
"What is it, doctor?"
"A big building with sick people, but that's not important right now."

Fruitcake Of The Day (video)

Call him crazy, but hey, somebody's gotta stop those rogue helicopter pilots. If this guy weren't too young, I'd swear he was in 'Nam.

From Funny Or Die.

Celebrity Aptronyms Of The Day

Their names are their jobs. From

Keira Knightley

Will Smith

Elton John

Tori Spelling

Patrick Stewart (steward)

Sigourney Weaver

Penelope Cruz

Orlando Bloom

Natalie Portman

Minnie Driver

Lucy Liu

Hugo Weaving

Edward Norton

Gary Coleman

Frank Zappa

Vid Of The Day: Jesus Is My Friend

Ok, if the Folger's spot didn't cheer you up, this one surely will. Thanks, Dorf.

Video Of The Day: Good Morning

Good morning, friends! What? You got a case of the Mondays already? C'mon -- cheer up! It's gonna be a wonderful week!

From Wendy in RI.

I would kill every one of these motherfuckers with my bare hands.


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