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Effed-Up Ride Of The Day

I'm guessing Louisiana. If not, somewhere else in the South for sure. I wonder how many MPG (miles per gator) it gets.

From John H.

16 Memorable Movie Cougars Of The Day

I dated a cougar once. It was in high school. I was a freshman, she was a junior, and I needed a date to the Key Club dance. I barely knew the girl -- Vicky was her name -- but we had a class together and I thought she was hot, so I asked her out and she said yes. I didn't have my license yet, so rather than have my dad or sister drive us, Vicky said she'd pick me up. She had a new car and wanted to show it off anyway. When she arrived in this (hers was red), I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Talk about cool points -- for years after my friends talked about the hot older woman in the sports car who brought me to the Key Club dance.


Anne Bancroft - The Graduate

Mrs. Robinson was pretty effortless in her seduction of young Benjamin Braddock, and it's easy to see why; few can hold a cigarette or show a bit of leg as seductively as the late Anne Bancroft. Why didn't they teach us about this in college?

Jacqueline Bisset - Class

Jacqueline Bisset is an accomplished, class-act British actress, but that didn't stop her from hooking up with Andrew McCarthy's prep-school character in 1983's Class.

Jane Seymour - Wedding Crashers

Dr. Quinn still has the medicine we're lookin' for! Or should we say, "Kittycat"? Groping Seymour in Crashers still stands as Owen Wilson's finest career achievement.

Jennifer Coolidge - American Pie

We all owe "Stifler's mom" a debt of gratitude for bringing the concept of the cougar back in vogue. That, and doing it on a pool table.

Kim Cattrall - Sex and the City: The Movie

Samantha Jones, our favorite "try-sexual" (as in, she'll try anything once), enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with a younger man ... or so we've heard from our girlfriends. Kim Cattrall's still got the goods, though.

Mary Steenburgen - What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

A bored Johnny Depp has an affair with Mary Steenburgen's unfulfilled housewife, and he's still mopey all the time. We know you had your hands full with a morbidly obese mother and a mentally challenged brother, but jeez, Gilbert ... enjoy the ride a little!

Susan Sarandon - White Palace

Young middle class widower meets middle-aged, working-class waitress, and sparks fly. We hear James Spader needed a cold shower after every single scene with Sarandon. Pity she couldn't join him.

Kim Basinger - The Door in the Floor

Jeff Bridges was on the receiving end of some cougar lovin' in The Last Picture Show, but in 2004's The Door in the Floor his wife Kim Basinger who takes an interest in his much younger summer assistant. Basinger has just passed the 50 mark when this was filmed, but her 20-year-old co-star Jon Foster didn't seem to mind.

Cloris Leachman - The Last Picture Show

Though she may have freaked us out recently with 80-year-old cleavage on "Dancing With the Stars," Cloris Leachman made for a convincingly sexy adulterous housewife who hooks up with a much younger Jeff Bridges in this 1970 classic.

Angela Bassett - How Stella Got Her Groove Back

What happens in Montego Bay stays in Montego Bay? Nope. We don't begrudge Angela Bassett's character's bringing her hot young piece of man flesh back from Jamaica ... and we certainly don't begrudge him for joining her.

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Vid Of The Day: Ugly Face

I love a good prank, especially at stores I hate.

Movie Trailers Of The Day

Not sure how I feel about this one. It's kind of weird to hear Tony Soprano's voice coming out of Carol. Still, I'll probably see it with my kid. It can't be any worse than Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Another beloved kids' book comes to life.

10 Bizarre College Mascots Of The Day

From CajunMan Ron and

Sammy, The Banana Slug (UC Santa Cruz)

A banana slug is a slimy yellow mollusk found near the northern California coastal community of Santa Cruz. The school adopted the slug as a mascot as a commentary on the overemphasis of athletics at many universities. Attempts to change to mascot to something else have all failed.

Scrotie (Rhode Island School Of Design)

Without a doubt, one of the strangest college sports mascots has to be Scrotie, the unofficial mascot of the Rhode Island School of Design. The costume is unique and at the same time horrific, looking exactly like a giant penis wearing a red cape with the scrotum hanging beneath.The school's basketball team is known as the Balls, and their slogan is, "When the heat is on, the Balls stick together." The hockey team is called the Nads, and their cheer is "Go Nads!" Scrotie was created to cheer on the Nads in 2001.

Billiken (St. Louis University)

The Saint Louis Billiken is ... well, what the heck is it? He looks like a vampire or an alien or both. This made up mascot was picked because its likeness resembled that of one of the coaches. Billiken is a representation of good luck.

Brutus the Buckeye (Ohio State)

Brutus Buckeye is the athletics mascot of The Ohio State University. Brutus is a student dressed in Buckeye colors with a headpiece resembling an Ohio Buckeye nut. Brutus has appeared since 1965, with periodic updates to design and wardrobe. As a member of the cheerleading team Brutus Buckeye travels to many athletic and non-athletic events around The Ohio State University and makes appearances around Columbus.

The Boll Weevils (U of Arkansas - Monticello)

At six millimeters long, not many schools boast a mascot smaller than that of the UA Monticello. Still, despite its diminutive size, the boll weevil is a formidable opponent — after all, it is the most destructive cotton pest in the United States. With that in mind, it is curious why men's athletics at Monticello are represented by the Boll Weevils whereas the women are known as the “Cotton Blossoms.”

Fighting Pickles (NC School of the Arts)

Apparently, the Fighting Pickles was first suggested as a joke in 1972 when the North Carolina School of the Arts decided to have a contest to create a mascot. As with many mascot-choosing contests the unlikely vegetable won, giving it not only the honor of becoming the school's official mascot but probably the most ridiculous mascot of all time.

Super Frog (Texas Christian)

TCU has been using the horned toad as a mascot since 1897. The horned toad might sound like a strange choice of a mascot, but it's the state reptile of Texas, and Native Americans in the Southwest believed this five inch long frog had ancient powers. The mascot's name used to be Addy the All-American Frog, but became Super Frog in 1979.

The Fighting Okra (Delta State)

Ah, another vegetable mascot, and one that's appropriate for a Mississippi school. The vegetable that looks like mucous is their mascot. The irony of all of this is that the students wanted something green (their uniforms are green) and southern, and all they could think of was okra!

Geoducks (Evergreen State)

Pronounced “gooey duck”, the geoduck isn't a waterfowl, as you might suspect, but a mollusk. It's native to the Pacific Northwest, which explains why the college chose it as a mascot, and looks like a penis-shaped saltwater clam (here's a real geoduck, courtesy of Juicy Trixx). The best part is the Evergreen State Geoduck Fight Song:

Go, Geoducks go,
Through the mud and the sand,
let's go.
Siphon high, squirt it out,
swivel all about, let it all hang out.
Go, Geoducks go,
Stretch your necks when the tide is low
Siphon high, squirt it out, swivel all about, let it all hang out.

Gaylord the Camel (Campbell University)

The fact that Campbell chose the fighting camel as its mascot is forgivable. After all, Campbell Camels have a nice ring to it. But then to name him Gaylord? Inexcusable. No opposing team is afraid of a camel named Gaylord, especially one who dances like this.

Vid Of The Day: Peaches

Oh, the horror. Sean better stay out of Georgia and South Carolina. The good news: he isn't afraid of cheeseburgers.


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