Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Soundboard Of The Day (NSFW)

Not sure what Buffy has to do with this, but whatever, it's funny.

From The Courteous Chihuahua, who's still mourning the death of the Taco Bell dog.

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10 Ladies Who Should Replace Megan Fox


On August 4th, is sponsoring a very special holiday: "A Day Without Megan Fox".

Clearly we can't be ANTI Megan Fox. We're a comedy sex site, and currently the internet is 99% comprised of images of her boobs.

But we are a fan of variety, so here are 10 action hotties who can replace Megan Fox -- at least for one day.


She's more popular than ever, but we'll always remember her as the bi-curious Buffy witch who found some new octaves with her woodwind at band camp.


She's seduced Darth Vader, the ultimate man/machine, AND has indie film credibility. No offense, Megan, but your turn as the dumb celebutant in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People doesn't count.


The infamous Bond Girl who snapped spines with her thighs, she went on to become the ultimate comic book babe Jean Grey in the X-Men movies. And she's 45! Megan might not end up being as disposable as many of today's young actresses are, but so far she's known more for running from explosions than causing them with her mind.


Here we've got another sci-fi hottie (of Farscape and Pitch Black fame) who isn't afraid to pack some heat. AND she has an New Zealand/Australian accent. Sorry Megan, you might be younger than this one two, but we haven't seen you hold a gun this big yet if you catch our drift.


Well, Anna clearly lost one battle- her Land of the Lost was annihilated at the box office by Transformers 2. But she's got an accent on her side as well, this one British, and she played the hottest (and perhaps only hot) zombie of all time in Pushing Daisies. And when she has a sexy movie scene, she's... how shall we put this... a little more revealing than Megan. She may have lost a battle, but she's winning the war.

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Literal Music Video Of The Day: Separate Ways

How can you make one of the funniest music videos of the 80s even funnier? Like this.

From Kelli T.

Naked Arrests Of The Day (NSFW)

As you might have guessed, these photos contain nudity, so proceed at your own risk. Thanks, Bubbasmom, for the links.

Run, Forrest, run!

"Yes, sir, that is correct," said Occifer Dan. "Cows."

Wrangler resorts to desperate measures to get people to wear their jeans.

No, what's cruel is covering up your goodies at a naked protest

Some guys are just asking for it.

I see a hole-in-one in his future. From a cop's boot.

Nice socks, dad.

Funny how the cops aren't in a hurry to cover her up.

Just off screen there's a cop coming fast with his nightstick. "I'm king of the wor--WHAM!"

Squeal like a pig, boy.

OUCH! Mind the tit, jackass!

Another low-speed L.A. freeway pursuit

I'd heard that the Ithaca City Court is full of boobs

"Can I just get my shoes? They're right over there."

None of the cops wanted to tangle with Gwendolyn, and who could blame them?

How the Unabomber was caught.

Corky needs a haircut

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