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10 Sketches To Celebrate The Arrival Of "The State" On DVD

From Comedy.com.

"After what seems like about 15 years (wait, it's been about 15 years?), MTV sketch comedy show The State finally came out on DVD this week.

Blame it on the rain, blame it on the alcohol, or really, blame a lot of it on the fact that they couldn't secure the rights to all of the popular music they used during their mid-1990s run on TV. None of that matters now. Because you can now watch clips from The State from the comfort of your home. Let's celebrate with 10 of everyone's favorite sketches from the show."

10. PORCUPINE RACETRACK. Tom Lennon explains why this musical number will be your favorite sketch ever.

9. $240 WORTH OF PUDDING. How much pudding? $120? $360? Nope. $240. Note: Barry and LeVon actually dancing with more than $240 worth of pudding, although that pile you see there also includes a great deal of foam. Fun facts!

8. $7,000 PYRAMID. Legendary punk rockers Sid and Nancy compete.

7. GANG FIGHT. What if Michael Jackson's "Beat It" were reimagined with the Amish and nuns as two of the gangs, and then reimagined further with new instrumentals? Done and done.

6. BACON. Robert Ben Garant shares his love and many uses for bacon.

(For the top five, visit The Laugh Track)

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Freak Of The Day (Video)

Stay with it. Yeah, she's a little "out there," all right.

From Frank.

Redneck Cakes Of The Day

Funnies from Karen C.

"Boggin'" Cake

Trailer Cake. That there's a nice trailer, too.

Stump Cake, Shotgun Wedding version

Mullet-And-Hound Cake

Somebody drank all those. One guy in one sitting, probably.

Horseshoe Cake that looks like a Toilet Seat Cake

She-Done-Gone-A-Huntin' Cake

Demolition Derby Cake. "Got-R-Did."

Inelda works hard on her CamoCake for Ed Tom's birthday.

Barn Cake. Wood paneling for show only.

Shern's Cowboy Cake

News Story Of The Day: Chuck Norris Saves Bakery

From The Daily Telegraph (Aus).


A posh bakery in Split, Croatia, has been broken into almost every week. But not since the shop owners posted a life-sized photo of the toughest man in Hollywood Chuck Norris in the window.

The sign says: “This shop is under the protection of Chuck Norris.” Now the bakery hasn't had a single burglary for more than a month.

Sales assistant Mirna Kovac said: "To be honest we just started it as a joke but it really has worked. Thieves haven't been anywhere near us for ages. People seem to respect him."

"Everyone around here has seen his films and he's quite a popular character, perhaps even among criminals, so they've decided to leave us alone."

She adds: "We have had a few customers come in and ask us whether they can get Chuck's autograph. They really believe he is sitting in our storeroom out the back ready to pounce on any burglars."

Classic Movie Scene Of The Day: The Graduate

My favorite scene from a movie filled with great scenes. Worth eight minutes of your time if you want a good laugh.

If you aren't familiar with the movie, aimless college graduate Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) was propositioned by an older friend of the family, Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), after his recent graduation party. Though he's shocked at first by the offer, he soon changes his mind and decides to take Mrs. R up on it, which, of course, leads to disastrous consequences both funny and tragic.

I always loved Anne Bancroft. So talented, so beautiful. It's still hard to believe she's no longer with us.

Buck Henry, who plays the desk clerk, also co-wrote the movie.

Robert Redford auditioned for the part of Benjamin but was turned down by director Mike Nichols. Read why here.

Both actresses in the scene at 2:37, Alice Ghostley and Marion Lorne, were recurring characters on "Bewitched." Ghostley was Aunt Esmerelda, Lorne was Aunt Clara.

That's A Wrap: 8 Movies That Killed People

Making movies can be dangerous work. Just ask these folks. But don't expect an answer. They're all dead.

VIC MORROW - The Twilight Zone (1982)

"During the filming of a segment directed by John Landis on July 23, 1982, actor Vic Morrow ("Combat!", The Bad News Bears) and child actors Myca Dinh Le (age 7) and Renee Shin-Yi Chen (6) died in an accident involving a helicopter being used on the set.

Pyrotechnic explosions caused the low-flying helicopter to spin out of control and crash. The rotor blade decapitated Morrow and Le; Chen was crushed by the helicopter's skid. The helicopter's passengers suffered only minor injuries.

The accident led to legal action against the filmmakers which lasted nearly a decade, and changed the regulations involving children working on movie sets at night and during special effects-heavy scenes.

Director John Landis and other defendants, including producer Steven Spielberg and pilot Dorsey Wingo, were ultimately acquitted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment, but the incident ended the friendship between Landis and Spielberg."
(From Wikipedia)

BRANDON LEE - The Crow (1993)

"Brandon Lee, son of actor and martial artist Bruce Lee, was killed by a prop .44 Magnum gun while filming a shooting scene in The Crow.

A cartridge with only a primer and a bullet was fired in the pistol prior to the fatal scene; this caused a squib load, in which the primer provided enough force to push the bullet out of the cartridge and into the barrel of the revolver, where it became stuck.

The malfunction went unnoticed by the crew, and the same gun was used again later. Although the bullet was traveling much slower than a normally fired bullet would be, the bullet's large size and the point-blank firing distance made it powerful enough to fatally wound Lee.

Following a six hour operation to remove the bullet, and despite being given 60 pints of blood, Lee was pronounced dead at 1:03 pm on March 31, 1993. He was 28 years old." (From Wikipedia)

WILL GAFFNEY - Proof Of Life (2000)

Gaffney, stand-in for actor David Morse, was killed in a freak accident when a truck in which he was riding suddenly turned and drove off a cliff while being filmed in Quito, Ecuador.

The movie is dedicated to Gaffney.

BILLY POOLE - Untitled documentary

"Professional extreme skier Billy Poole, 28, died [in January 2007] from injuries he suffered after jumping off a cliff while filming in Utah with Warren Miller Entertainment.

Poole skied a line down Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, as a Warren Miller Entertainment film crew captured the scene. Billy jumped a cliff, something he had done many times before. This time he hit a small boulder. A short while later, he was dead — the first skier to die in the production of a Warren Miller ski film." (From NewWest.net)

BORIS SAGAL - World War III (1981)

"Director Boris Sagal (The Omega Man, "Night Gallery") died while shooting the TV miniseries World War III when he walked into the tail rotor blade of a helicopter and was decapitated.

Ironically, Sagal's work includes the pilot episode of the TV series "Combat!" (1962), which starred Vic Morrow. Two decades after collaborating, Sagal and Morrow would die almost exactly the same way within a year of each other." (IMDb.com)

Sagal's daughter is actress Katey Sagal ("Married... With Children").

TYRONE POWER - Solomon and Sheba (1959)

Halfway through shooting, Power collapsed during a dueling scene with George Sanders and died of a heart attack before reaching a hospital. (IMDb.com)

ROY KINNEAR - The Return of the Musketeers (1989)

"Kinnear fell from a horse during the filming in Toledo, Spain, sustaining a broken pelvis. He was taken to hospital in Madrid, and died from a heart attack the following day. He was 54 years old." (IMDb.com)

PAUL MANTZ - The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

Stunt pilot Paul Mantz (shown above with Amelia Earhart) "died on July 8, 1965 while working on the film, The Flight Of The Phoenix.

Flying a very unusual aircraft, a Tallmantz Phoenix P-1 built especially for the film, Mantz struck the ground while skimming over a desert site in Arizona for a second take. As Mantz attempted to recover, the aircraft broke in two and nosed over into the ground, killing him instantly."
(From Wikipedia)


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