Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why I Love Teenagers (Of The Day)

I'm always amazed at how much knowledge a teenager can accumulate in so few years on this earth. My friend's 19-year-old brother, for example.

ME: What are you listening to?

19YO GENIUS (removes his iPod earplugs): The Who.

ME: Great choice.

19YO GENIUS: You know them?

ME: The Who? Yes, I know them.

19YO GENIUS: I love "Teenage Wasteland."

ME: Oh yeah -- a classic. Love "Baba O'Riley."


ME: "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: Who's that?

ME: That's the name of the song.

19YO GENIUS: Which one?

ME: Teenage wasteland. The title is actually "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: Nuh uh. It's "Teenage Wasteland."

ME: It probably should be. But trust me, it's not.

19YO GENIUS: I don't think so, dude.

ME: I do.

19YO GENIUS: I have the CD.

ME (no longer giving a shit): Ok.

19YO GENIUS (still giving a shit): Do you have the CD?

ME: Yes. And I had the 8-track, the album, and the cassette. All of them say "Baba O'Riley."

19YO GENIUS: Oh. (pauses) Well, I still think it's "Teenage Wasteland."

ME: Ok.

God forbid he start listening to Led Zeppelin and wants to argue about titles.

Video Of The Day: Honk

From L'Onion.

Tampon Crafts Of The Day

Oh, all you crafty folk out there will really enjoy this gift to us from Jill: a site called Tampon Crafts with step-by-step instructions for these items and more. Who knew? Bloody good fun!

Tampon Floral Bouquet

Tampon Toupée (Tampée?)

Tampon Heart Earrings
(relax, it's food coloring)

Tampon Pan Flute

Tampon Blowgun
(a little something for the Mr.)

And for the holidays...

Tampon Christmas Tree Star

Tampon Menorah

Tampon Christmas Lights


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