Thursday, May 7, 2009

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

This one's for Bludger and all you other Stynx lovers out there.

And you thought the song sucked...

America's Drunkest Cities Of The Day

From WebMD. (And a repeat... shhh! Sorry, I'm in deadline hell this week.)

New Year's Day 1916 was rough for Colorado residents looking for a little hair of the dog. On that Saturday, the state stopped all liquor sales, predating Prohibition by 4 years.

Today, Colorado once again leads the nation in its attitude toward alcohol--but now, the mandate seems to be "drink till you drop."

In our second ranking of urban inebriation, Aurora comes in 82nd, Colorado Springs finishes 98th, and, once again, Denver is Most Dangerously Drunk. We looked at annual death rates due to alcoholic liver disease, as well as who's headed there by regularly downing five or more drinks in a sitting (CDC).

Next, we factored in drunk-driving arrests (FBI) and the percentage of fatal accidents involving intoxicated motorists (U.S. Department of Transportation).

Then, after tallying the MADD report card of state efforts to cut down on excessive drinking, we had our ranking and, for the state of Colorado, an invitation to AA.

Ranks and grades:

100. Denver, CO (F)
99. Anchorage, AK
98. Colorado Springs, CO (F)
97. Omaha, NE (F)
96. Fargo, ND (F)
95. San Antonio, TX (F)
94. Austin, TX (F)
93. Fresno, CA (F)
92. Lubbock, TX (F)
91. Milwaukee, WI (F)
90. El Paso, TX (F)
89. Spokane, WA (F)
88. Washington, DC (F)
87. Columbia, SC (F)
86. St. Louis, MO (D-)
85. Bakersfield, CA (D-)
84. San Diego, CA (D)
83. Cheyenne, WY (D)
82. Aurora, CO
81. Houston, TX (D)
80. Portland, OR (D)
79. Seattle, WA (D)
78. Boise, ID (D)
77. Tucson, AZ (D+)
76. Dallas, TX (D+)
75. Jacksonville, FL (D+)
74. Toledo, OH (D+)
73. Madison, WI (D+)
72. Oakland, CA (D+)
71. Modesto, CA (D+)
70. Billings, MT (D+)
69. Fremont, CA (D+)
68. Oklahoma City, OK (D+)
67. San Francisco, CA (D+)
66. Sacramento, CA (D+)
65. Los Angeles, CA (D+)
64. Phoenix, AZ (D+)
63. Albuquerque, NM (D+)
62. Chicago, IL (D+)
61. Providence, RI (D+)
60. Fort Wayne, IN (C-)
59. Manchester, NH
58. Charleston, WV (C-)
57. Burlington, VT (C-)
56. Lincoln, NE (C-)
55. Corpus Christi, TX (C-)
54. Des Moines, IA (C-)
53. Indianapolis, IN (C-)
52. Pittsburgh, PA (C-)
51. Honolulu, HI (C-)
50. St. Paul, MN (C)
49. Tampa, FL
48. Greensboro, NC (C)
47. Las Vegas, NV (C)
46. Baltimore, MD (C)
45. Riverside, CA (C)
44. Norfolk, VA (C)
43. Detroit, MI (C+)
42. Arlington, TX
41. Grand Rapids, MI (C+)
40. San Jose, CA (C+)
39. St. Petersburg, FL (C+)
38. Nashville, TN (C+)
37. Charlotte, NC (C+)
36. Wilmington, DE (C+)
35. Orlando, FL (C+)
34. Minneapolis, MN (C+)
33. Kansas City, MO (C+)
32. Fort Worth, TX (C+)
31. Tulsa, OK (C+)
30. Anaheim, CA (B-)
29. Wichita, KS
28. Lexington, KY (B-)
27. Philadelphia, PA (B-)
26. Montgomery, AL (B-)
25. Rochester, NY (B-)
24. Raleigh, NC (B)
23. Cincinnati, OH
22. Louisville, KY (B)
21. Bangor, ME (B)
20. Memphis, TN (B)
19. Boston, MA (B)
18. Hartford, CT (B+)
17. Sioux Falls, SD
16. Birmingham, AL (B+)
15. Baton Rouge, LA (B+)
14. Columbus, OH (B+)
13. Cleveland, OH (B+)
12. Atlanta, GA (B+)
11. Newark, NJ (B+)
10. Jersey City, NJ (B+)
9. Richmond, VA (B+)
8. New York, NY (B+)
7. Little Rock, AR (A-)
6. Salt Lake City, UT
5. Yonkers, NY (A-)
4. Jackson, MS (A)
3. Buffalo, NY
2. Miami, FL (A)
1. Durham, NC (A+)

Vid Of The Day: Job Interview

Another classic from Mr. Show. Thanks, Paul, for the suggestion.

My 24 Favorite Fake Names Of The Day

I'm a big fan of fake namery... or name fakery. I like making them up, and I keep a list of good ones I hear.

Here are 24 of my favorites -- some my own, some from other places (like "The Simpsons"). Most of them are dirty. Yes, I am familiar with Mike Hunt, Jack Mehoff, Ben Dover, Heywood Jablomie and all the other old-timers.

Thanks, Sheila, for the idea.

(In no particular order)
  1. Aiken Johnson
  2. Asta Spare
  3. Danny Fishcharge
  4. Erin Outtercooch
  5. Mr. Face
  6. Dee Lynn Quint
  7. Justin Sider
  8. Lou Stewell
  9. Shanda Lear
  10. Holden Milode
  11. Amanda Dumi-Endereer
  12. Sherwood Lovett
  13. Hope Uswaller
  14. Hugh Drack
  15. Anita Goodlay
  16. Nealon Licket
  17. Mike Oxtiff
  18. Maj. Lee Gay
  19. Chris P. Bacon
  20. Emersom Biggins
  21. Iva Woody
  22. Wilma Fingerdoo
  23. Ike Umlotz
  24. Aiken Balzac


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