Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Links Of The Day

More fun linkage from you monkeys.

Chumble Spuzz = Bad Engrish - from Juicy S. Trixx

Here's what you get if you misspell blogspot as blogpsot - from Nick (and God?)

You know you're this when you that - from Margo's Maid

If I Had To Choose - from Smokiechick

The Photographic Dictionary, an art project - from Boo

Someone's not happy that Winnie Cooper is getting married - from Seth C.

Yeeee-ha! Missouri Trailer Trash - from TonyRo

This is cool: an archive of historic newsreels - from CJ

Know what a trillion looks like? These two links (1, 2) can help - from Juicy S. Trixx and Blong. (No political statement intended.)

Zoomquilt - from Frank. Wait - Frank quilts?


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