Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pseudonym Of The Day

I heart Photoshop. Or maybe this joker gave that as his name -- which would be a lot more hilarious than Photoshop.

Nah, he doesn't look smart enough to come up with that on his own.

From Sheila.

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Bang bang.

QOTD: 12 Hours

You've got 12 free hours to spend however you like: no responsibilities (that includes kids), no deadlines, no appointments, no errands -- nothing but free time. You don't have to spend it alone but can if you prefer.

What would you do?

Honest State License Plates Of The Day

From Maxim, a look at what we might see if truth in advertising was required of state license plates. A few here, the rest on Maxim.

Vid Of The Day: Cheerleading Brother

Hilarity from Penny Karma.

Helpful Chart Of The Day

Well allrighty then. Now you know.

Great use of desciptive language here. "Sausage-shaped." "Like nuts." "Blobs." "Fluffy." "Mushy."

Videos Of The Day: Extras

This Ricky Gervais series on HBO is long gone -- they did two 6-episode seasons and a wrap-up movie -- but I still watch the reruns when I can, because the show makes me laugh as hard as anything else I've ever seen. Both seasons are on DVD, and I highly recommend them (see the Amazon carousel in the sidebar).

If you aren't familiar with "Extras," it starred Ricky as an extra (or "background actor," as he prefers to call himself) whose work brought him and his friend Maggie (Ashley Jensen), also a movie extra, in contact with big-name actors (Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, etc.). These A-list actors appeared in the show and had great fun sending themselves up.

Some clips...

Andy (Ricky Gervais) auditions for a play directed by Ian McKellen, who explains his complex acting method.

Andy and Maggie talk to Kate Winslet the day after Kate has given Maggie advice about how to talk dirty on the phone with her new boyfriend, who wants her to be more sexually daring.

Andy and Maggie meet David Bowie at a club, and Andy makes the mistake of complaining about the lousy sitcom he's been doing.

Daniel Radcliffe hits on Maggie.

Daniel Radcliffe continues his pursuit of Maggie. Extra points if you recognize the older woman (an A-list star herself, once upon a time).

Andy pitches a show idea to Patrick Stewart.


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