Friday, January 16, 2009

Spoilsports Of The Day

Looks like someone isn't happy about all those pictures of the dangling naked skier making the web rounds a few weeks ago. And it's not even the dangler himself.

Check it out on The Smoking Gun

Soon-To-Be-Classic Music Video Of The Day

Look up TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME in the dictionary, and this is the video you will see, my friends.

Click the pic to experience the magic.

Thank you, TheMovieGuru, for this incredible find.

The 10 Worst American Idol Performances Ever

Like that itchy rash in your underpants, "American Idol" is back yet again, so it's time to revisit this fine list from and Spinderfella.

The only "AI" season I watched was Season 6, and that was enough for a lifetime.

Click an entry to witness the assault.

10. MIKALAH GORDON, ''Love Will Lead You Back'' (Season 4)

9. NIKKI MCKIBBIN, ''Always Something There to Remind Me'' (Season 1)

8. JOSH GRACIN, ''Jive Talkin''' (Season 2)

7. HALEY "Hot Legs" SCARNATO, ''Turn the Beat Around'' (Season 6)

6. KEVIN COVAIS, ''Part-Time Lover'' (Season 5)

5. CARMEN RASMUSEN, ''Call Me'' (Season 2)

4. KRISTY LEE COOK, ''Eight Days a Week'' (Season 7)

3. JOHN STEVENS, ''Music of My Heart'' (Season 3)

2. SANJAYA MALAKAR, ''Bathwater'' (Season 6)

1. CAMILLE VELASCO, ''Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'' (Season 3)

Knockers Of The Day

Damn. This woman's name is Busty, which is like calling Antarctica "chilly" or Hitler "troublesome." Two guys could play with these sweater beasts at the same time and never meet.

From Siress Yorkie, who says, "I can only hope to achieve such firmness. I guess there's a reason people call them knockers."

8 Oscar Longshots Of The Day

Oscar season approaches, although I didn't even watch last year since I had seen almost none of the nominated movies. Ditto this year. If the nominations were based only on movies I'd seen, Adam Sandler and Po (Kung Fu Panda) would be your choices for Best Actor, and Frances McDormand and the dog from Beverly Hills Chihuahua would duke it out for Best Actress.

I never gave a piss about Mickey Rourke, but The Wrestler looks good to me, especially when you throw in Marisa Tomei.

I do hope Vera Farmiga gets nominated, at least. I didn't see Nothing But The Truth, but I liked her in The Departed.


A scrappy and unforgettable story of second chances and missed opportunites, The Wrestler is much more than a showcase for Mickey Rourke.

As an airport employee who finds romance in Last Chance Harvey, Emma Thompson is our favorite lovable loser.

In What Doesn't Kill You, Mark Ruffalo brings director Brian Goodman's life story to the screen with riveting truth.

As an outed CIA agent in Nothing But the Truth, Vera Farmiga packs tons of power into just a handful of scenes.

One of these days, Kevin Bacon has to land an Oscar nod, right? Why not for his fiercely loyal aide in Frost/Nixon?

The Visitor writer-director Tom McCarthy beautifully combined relevance and heart.

With Frozen River, rookie filmmaker Courtney Hunt took on challenging issues without any preaching.

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist writer Lorene Scafaria fashioned rounded characters from a young adult novel.


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