Monday, December 22, 2008

Commercial Of The Day: Snuggie

This thing kills me. Hey, here's an idea: turn up the fucking heat! Oh, don't want to raise your heating bill? Then move to Panama, ya tightwad.

The Snuggie looks ok on women, but it makes men look like deranged monks or frat boys lining up to paddle their pledges over at Omega house.

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

What happens if nature calls? You gotta take the entire thing off?

Inspired by the straitjacket.


Redneck Christmas Lights Of The Day

Aw. Blood and all. Classy. Merry Christmas from all your friends here at the trailer park.

From Rich Girl Red.

My Yahoo Answer Of The Day: George Lopez

It's the truth.

Waxen Celebrity Of The Day

I saw this pic of John "Cliffy" Ratzenberger in Entertainment Weekly and laughed. I didn't realize Mme. Tussaud had added the "Cheers" cast to her collection.

Hey, easy with the Photoshop, EW.

Bizarre Christmas Songs Of The Day

On last week's Bad Christmas Albums, Vol. 1 post, some wondered about the Billy Idol album. Yes, it's real, and here are two videos to go along with it.


From Aspiring Ebert.

Best Of The Worst Christmas Albums, Vol. 2

More holiday horrors, but with a catch this time. Some are real, but others are fake, the fruits of a Photoshop contest. Can you tell which is which? You might be surprised.

Answers at the end of the post.

Fakes: Fran Drescher, Gene & Richard Simmons, Marcel Marceau, Johnny Rotten, Roseanne Barr, Shatner & Hasselhoff, Christmas With Kazoo, Homeless For The Holidays, Gilbert Gottfried. The rest are real.


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