Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Links Of The Day

Lots of linky goodness from you, my helpful readers. Thank you.

LOTD regular Siress Yorkie got up close and personal with Sir Ian McKellen's naughty bits, and writes about it in three hilarious parts. (1, 2, 3)

10 things you can do with an airplane besides fly it - from Craig W.

Quizzes galore (and widgets for your blog), like the Cuss-O-Meter I've been using here. From PrincessPi.

A history of Michael Jackson's face - funny stuff from Christy

LOTD regular Lindsey turned the tables on a spammer, with amusing results. Check it out.

10 most bizarre Asian hotels - from Andy at ProTraveller

"The artist’s name is MEART, and MEART's “brain” is composed of 50,000 cultured rat neurons, which are tethered to an array of electrodes and — ultimately — a robotic arm. Its memory bank contains snapshots of actual, identifiable people, which MEART converts into brilliantly colored line drawings."

How do you avoid getting your arm trapped while cuddling? Learn this and just about anything else you want to know at VideoJug, a great link from SiressYorkie.


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