Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best Of 2007 Mugshots Of The Day

Some of our favorites from last year. All from The Smoking Gun and

Meet your new cellmate

Olan Mills staff often resorted to brute force to get subjects in that impossible "chin up, head tilted, eyes forward" pose

Ol' Tamponhead

This explains why I never got my hotcakes.

Those silly cops love to play "Got Your Balls!" while inmates are having their mugshots made.

Ooh, help me, Dr. Zaius.

On Florg's home planet, eating cats is legal.

You should see the other guy

The other guy

What up, McMurphy?

She's so upset...

... she came back for more

This is the dork you're looking for

That's more than he spent on that grill.

Rudy smacked his old lady once. Once.

She spanks her grandkids for doing that

You can't camouflage crazy

The Sexual Chocolate tour has been put on hold until Sugarfoot clears up his legal problems.

Ralph's new ink didn't go over as well as he'd hoped

Looks like somebody met Mr. Nightstick

Lift up your head a little, please. Ha ha! Just kidding.

Me too, baby

Shirts That Guarantee You'll Make Friends In Jail, example 4.

Don't do the crime if you don't have waterproof mascara, Tammy Faye

All it took to nab Clarence was a good butterfly net

The love child of kd lang and Alfalfa

He just spotted the guy with the midget porn shirt

Roderick wore the wrong outfit to get busted in

Richard Edward, or, as we call him, Dick Ed

No one could really blame Martin for shooting up Fantastic Sam's

"Son, you got a panty on your head."



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