Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Women Needed For Photo Project

From LOTD reader Sarah:

I am starting a blog that is surrounding the 365 Photo Challenge. I am looking for women, and I know you have a lot of female readers out there who might like to take part.

We are going to chronicle our lives for one year with one picture a day every day. So far I have 9 women who are committed to participate and I am looking for more -- the more women, the more powerful the project will be. Do you think you could put out a call to your female readers asking if they would like to join in?

If it works out, I plan on doing one for both sexes next year.

If interested, the signup address is picturesandpie@gmail.com


CD Of The Day: David Byrne & Brian Eno

Together again. Can't say I'm a huge fan of either of them, but many people are.

Free song download at the website

Lionel Richie Music Video Of The Day

Well, Richie and The Commodores. And if you saw the Women Of LOTD posts, you know we have plenty of these around here.


I always wondered who did the whistle part.

Top 12 Movies of Insomniacs

I just polled 1,000 insomniacs about their favorite movies. None of them answered -- they're all asleep after being up all night -- but here are the ones they would've chosen.













Music Video Of The Day: Hall Of The Mountain King

A delightful video from Kelli, who writes, "I used to choreograph metal bands (whatever -- shut up) and we used to always say that it wasn't a metal video until you saw the leather, chains, big hair and, of course, the midget. Always a midget. WTF? What about midget just screams 'metal'?"

I don't know, Kelli, but this is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen. Ever. No, really.

"Hall Of The Mountain King" by Savatage. Not to be confused with "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" by Grieg (a classical piece you know but might not know you know.)

link (you really want to link to this shit?)

Student Exam Frustration Of The Day

Good stuff from Nikki. Click any pic for a larger view.


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