Friday, July 11, 2008 Links Of The Week

Better late than never. Funnies from my friends over at

Amy Winehouse: The Narcotic Woman

The Dry BJ

12 Celebs Who Look Like They Take The Biggest Craps (which, not surprisingly, has some names in common with the LOTD post, 8 Celebs You Don't Want To Follow In The Crapper)

Baseball's All-Ugly Team

What Happens When You Place An Ad On Craigslist For "Ball Sweat"'s Hottest 25 Urban Legends Of The Day

From, the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely, as determined by frequency of access, user searches, reader e-mail and media coverage. Many of these are ancient news, so it's pretty amazing that they're still making the rounds.

Click any legend to read more at Thanks, Harmony, for the idea.

1. Barack Obama: E-mails about the Illinois senator and presidential candidate

2. Postcard/Greeting card virus: E-mailed computer virus posing as a postcard or greeting card from a loved one

3. Cell phone popcorn: Video purportedly shows popcorn being popped with cellphones

4. John McCain: E-mails about the Arizona senator and presidential candidate

5. Best Buy return policy: E-mail complaint about the chain's 15% restocking fee for returned merchandise

6. Cell phone directory and telemarketers: E-mail claims cell phone numbers are about to be given to telemarketers

7. Jay Leno: Essay attributed to Jay Leno encourages Americans to focus on the positive

8. Pepsi's Pledge Of Allegiance: Controversy over a soda can design and the Pledge

9. Propane tanks: E-mail warns that propane tanks used in the manufacture of methamphetamine are being returned to stores and resold

10. Social Security: E-mails about the U.S. Social Security system

11. Iowa tornado: Photo purportedly shows the tornado that killed four Boy Scouts

12. Ashley Flores: E-mail plea to help find a missing girl named Ashley Flores

13. Windfall profits tax: E-mail claims Rep. Nancy Pelosi has proposed a windfall profits tax on retirement income

14. American gas: E-mail encourages Americans not to buy gas from companies that import oil from the Mideast

15. Bill Gates/Microsoft/AOL giveaway: E-mail claims that Gates, Microsoft and AOL are giving away cash and merchandise to people who forward an e-mail message.

For the rest, check out the full list on

Creepy PSAs Of The Day

Some crazy shit from Ru and

Forest Fires... or... further proof that drugs were better in the 70s


You see, Ralph is a homosexual...


Damn. If you thought Canadians were an easygoing bunch, this workplace safety campaign might change your opinion. This shit is hardcore, and not for the faint of heart.


Movie Trailer Of The Day: Sixes In The City

I hate "Sex And The City," so I love stuff like this. From filmmaker Jason Zumwalt.


14 Smoking Accessories No One Needs

Comedy gold from Spinderfella and Modern Mechanix

Wrist Lighter

"Excuse me, do you have the time?"
"Why yes, it's AYYYOWWWWWWW!!!!!"

Remote Smoking Apparatus

Includes a cheek clip for completely hands-free smoking

Double Smoker

Because it's just a matter of time before some butthole asks to bum a smoke. Take out the half-smoked extra and say, "Here's yours."

Vest Ash Can

Get it monogrammed for an extra touch of class

Smoker's Helper

So your pal gets pissed that you drilled a cigarette-sized hole in the end of his favorite pool cue. Fuck him. It wasn't like he was gonna be shooting pool anytime soon, what with those two broken arms.

Cigarette-Tip Ash Tray

Back when people gave a shit where they dropped their ashes

Trained Cig-Smuggling Cockroach

No big -- smokers get their cigs from vile, disease-carrying vermin all the time.

Waterproof Cigarette Paper

Now you can smoke in the shower! Thanks, Scotch-Gard
(TM) !

Nudist's Cigarette Holder

You don't want to borrow his lighter, trust me.

Pipe Holster

Almost as cool as a cell phone holster

Cigarette Sharpener

Well, not really, but that's what it looks like. A cig sharpener that you can wear as a ring.

Smoke Diverter

Why breathe your own second-hand smoke when you can blow it in the direction of other diners?

Cigarette Case With Counter

Tons of uses. Keep track of how many smokes you've given away, or just count days off the end of your life.

Cigarette Factory In A Can

This handy little device stores your tobacco and rolls your cigs on command, and no, it's doesn't look ridiculous at all.


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